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Beware the "Free" Diagnostic Scam!

This shop doubles the list price of parts in order to make up for the time they spend inspecting your car for free.

I asked twice in advance for the cost of the repair and didn't get an answer until the job was complete. I couldn't dispute the charges until it was too late. I never gave approval to proceed with the repair since they wouldn't tell me the cost.

When I picked up the car, I brought a printout with pricing from two Acura dealerships. The list price for the part was $66.93. Cottman charged me $124.46. When I presented my information and expressed my concern, the counter person became rude, argumentative and extremely obnoxious. At one point waving my paperwork saying, "you can't come in here at the end of the day with this bull-#*% questioning our prices!" Even a discount coupon printed from their website was tossed to the side and not honored.

There was no manager at the shop during this exchange.

I will never do business with Cottman again. I strongly urge others to avoid this rip-off operation.


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      Nov 18, 2009

    OK, lets see. Cottman buys a part from the same place you got the price, and you expect them to sell it to you at their cost, and warranty it too? And you pay by credit card?

    Many consumers do not understand that businesses must sell the things they offer to customers for a profit, to pay for overhead, taxes, rent, electricity, heat, etc.

    Many times a dealer does not offer the jobber a discount, or just a small discount. I know of shops that regularly mark up parts 4 times their cost. Some do 2 1/2 times, or 3 times.

    You might have paid by credit card, too. This costs them 2 to 6% of every dollar, too. All part of why parts are marked up. If the part fails due to no fault of theirs, they still have to warranty it and do it over, FREE. The car dealership does not pay labor to replace their own defective parts, so the shop has to mark up parts some to cover labor on any warranty that is not their fault as well.

    If you do not want to pay for someone to do a car repair and mark up parts they use to fix your car, then you need to do it yourself. Anyone who does it at cost will not be in business, especially with the government charging them for all kinds of licenses, fees, and charges to do business like workers comp insurance, liability insurance, etc.

    Sorry you are unhappy, but this is the cost of being a consumer. EVERY business marks up their products. Jewelry stores mark theirs up 3 times or more. Restaurants mark up drinks 5 times or more. Popcorn and drinks at the movie? Try 100 times or more!

    I also noticed you did not compliment them for their labor rate, which is probably $30 or more an hour LESS than the dealer if I guess right.

    No, I am not connected to this shop, either. Just a better informed consumer who understands ever busienss has to mark up what they sell.

    You might quit shopping at Walmart, too. They mark up everything they sell above what they pay for it, too. As a matter of fact, you better quit buying anything anywhere, so you wont get screwed anymore!

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