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I was interested in purchasing Rims for my C4 collectors edition. I found Rims at a good price at this website but was unsure if the rims would fit. I contacted them by email and by phone to insure that the items would fit. They stated "absolutely", so I bought the rims. When the Rims arrived, I opened one box and place the rim on my vehicle, but it would not fit. The rim was way to big and interfered withe the brake lines and inner wheel well. I contacted them and requested a return but was denied. They wanted to see pictures of the rims to prove they were not installed, so I was forced to open the sealed boxes to prove to them they were not damaged or installed. I then had to reapply for a return which was eventually approved but I was required to pay for shipping. When I tried to dispute the shipping because they had assured me the rims would fit, I was told that they couldn't find any record of that (I still have the email saved).

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Mar 10, 2017

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