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Corporate Acquisitions Group / Scam and fraud!

1 14 Inverness Drive EastEnglewood, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 303-792-2010

Corporate Acquisitions Group contacted me and said they had a serious buyer for my business. I met with one of their business analysts, who took some numbers and said they could find a buyer for my business within a year. The catch was that I had to pay $8000 upfront (a very inflated price) for a business valuation. He promised that if I did not sell my business within one year, they would refund the $8000.

It sounded too good to be true, and it was. I read the contract, and it actually states that CAG's obligation is to present us with qualified buyers who may be interested in buying our business... so in other words, as as long as they refer some interested folks to us, they do not have to refund our money. Quite a bit different from the verbal promise that we will get our money back if they do not sell our business within one year.

A search of shows several other 'business brokers' operating in a similar fashion - Alliance Acquisitions, Legacy Acquistions, etc. All received complaints, and all either shut down or changed names in order to avoid answering complaints or refunding money from unhappy business owners.

CAG's sales practices are misleading and unethical at best. Don't fall for it.

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  • Ty
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    I am the president of this company. Anyone is welcome to post here, but why not just call and chat. Or in this case say no like you did?

    Many people feel they can sell a business without any proof. Please ask yourself if you are reading this would you buy a business for $1, 000, 000 without any proof of value. Would your lawyer or accountant recommend it. Not every person we meet with has to pay a valuation. We pay for some, and some businesses never need one. It depends on who is buying. We have over 800 buyers and each is different in their criteria. We are happy to share our buyer list with any serious seller. Most buyers are people just like yourself who are scared to pay alot of money without proof.

    I will never understand why people make a permanent record of their gripes. This person, nor ANY person has not been ripped off in any way by our company. Please refer to this very site for companies like Walmart, Wells Fargo Bank, United Airlines, Outback Steakhouse, Mesa Arizona Police Department, and the Better Business Bureau. All these companies have reports and they are not bad companies. There is no credibility to this site. You can post a report on any person or company anonymously and there is no validation of any kind. You could post a report on your neighbor, gas station because you think they are a ripoff because gas is so high, the president of our country, your city...anything. Nobody will verify it. Someone could even do it to you without thought.

    We are regulated by the state of Colorado - Division of Real Estate. We are insured as a requirement of our licensing and bonded for over $600, 000. We are not interested in anything other than selling a business. We will provide references of sold businesses as well as vendors, BBB reports, D&B Reports.

    We do not care if you get a valuation or not. We have over 40 sellers where NO cost was required. We are not sorry if yours involves a cost. It is the nature of what we do. It is not free and never will be to sell your business. I am happy to provide articles from major news journals saying that you should do just what this person is so offended we asked to be done. Real business journalists who recommend just the same as we do.

    Anyone reading this can call me personally at 303.792.2010 x. 705, and I am happy to provide anything you need to feel comfortable.

    I know who posted this since they do so anonymously:

    Pacifier, LLC (baby boutique)
    310 E Hennipin Ave
    Minneapolis, MN 55414
    Quyen Tran

    I have attempted contact to this company to try and work with this person. They have not called me back or emailed me to resolve their issue, which there isnt one. They have no other interest than posting information that cannot be validated.

    Please call our company for references of successful sales, refunds, our buyer list, anything if you are serious about doing business.

  • Ty
      14th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Another anonymous complaint. Actually the website you refer to isn't working. Second the name of this person who wrote this has threatened our reputation and is a client. She signed up on August 11, and changed her mind because we made demands of her to complete a questionnaire which she did not do, she was rude to our employees and we told her the only way we would work with her is if she was at least respectful. she terminated her agreement with us and filed a BBB complaint. Case # 75058939. We responded to the BBB and the case was dismissed because she did not want to proceed further with the complaint. How can we work with her if she terminated us. ANYONE who wants to call me I will share her contact information with. we actually have buyers interested in her company and she doesn't want them. It seems like a case of buyers remorse. I will give you the buyers names and numbers or an email from them to us showing interest in this company. the company is Personnel Management of Trinidad, Colorado. The owners name is Roberta Hall. And her phone number is listed in the directory. I have actually had people call me from her town and say that she is dishonest in many things she has done in her small town. I will also show ANYONE who asks her threatening letter to our company saying she would smear our reputation if we didn't give her money back. She was a client less than a month and the contract gives us a year. I am also very happy to provide references of sold businesses as well as ones we have refunded money to. We do refund money.

    I ADVISE ANYONE WHO READS THIS TO CALL US AND NOTE THE COMPLAINTS ARE ALL ANONOMOUS IN NATURE AND NOBODY PUTS THEIR INFORMATION INTO THE COMPLAINT. IF THEY ARE PROUD OF THE ISSUE, LEAVE YOUR NUMBER TO HAVE PEOPLE CALL AND DISCUSS. The reason they won't do that is because in the end we will prove what is alleged as not true. This site is a joke. Anyone can post anything and it doesn't have to be true or have a name attached. I am proud to attach my name to my response. please call the BBB in Denver and ask them about this case being dismissed by them. refer to the case number above. my name is Ty Tymkovich and I can be reached at 303-792-2010. ext 705. I am the president of Corporate Acquisitions Group and have been doing this for years. I have not owned any other companies alluded to, and our firm has done some contract work with one of them that went out of business. That company owed us over $30, 000, so we are very much interested in collecting as well. We were scammed too. I will talk to you and explain this bull crap site to you and gladly share names of people who like to hide and post. if you have a problem with someone you communicate. When things don't go your way, you lie and post to the internet. This site is a joke.

  • Lo
      15th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well I don"t hide & post, hope you put my $8000.00 to good use. Let"s see if you respond!

  • Le
      16th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hello all, I can tell you if you dealt with Ty... you got burned! I worked with him for another company, and I can tell you he is ###, plain and simple, this guy makes his teacher (Marvin Randy Hicks, Alliance Acquistions) Look like the tooth fairy. Just a word several people are being sentenced in November (secret service case) for doing exactly what Ty is doing now. Yes you may need proof to get a valuation done, but truth is they cost only $1000-$1200 thats it, and that is all they pay if not less, the rest go in to the pockets of all, low overhead, high profit. Tell me I am wrong Ty. Tell me that your contract does not have wording like several before you. Tell me you did not need to "help" the goverment with the case. Ty you and your crew... well

  • Ty
      17th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Yea we are such bad guys. Our company, unlike these others you talk about has been in busienss and making money since 2006. These other companies went out of business after one year. I am sure whoever you are you are having a great time, but to be honest with you, I dont give a ### about your thoughts. I am not being investigated, because, actually I dont do anything like the other company. You are wrong as well on cost of a valuation. You can find them as low as $650. I am not spending that, and am not sure I would recommend someone does. If you read the SBA guidelines, you will find a buyer or seller cant hire their own valuation out. It has to be hired and completed by an independent group. So, feel free to shop it around, talk to your bank about how much it should cost. YOUR bank, not mine, and not me. I charge inline with what they would cost to hire out at a bank. Of course, I dont see anyone complaining about their bank. Nor do I see anyone complaining that a buyer who gets an SBA loan, they have to pay almost $7, 500 to complete the application process. Wow. What a scam that is too. Our company is different. We derive income from real estate, business sales, documentation, and advice. I have charged buyers money for our services too. So, as much as you know about me and our company, your ignorance is what it is. You just look like what you are. A complainer. I am in business to stay.

    For the record, so these people know, the reference to Randy Hicks and jail time. The charges are for wire fraud, illegal blast faxing, fake references, and numerous other violations. I have never blast faxed to anyone, i have never offered a bogus reference, and I am happy to actually provide references that you can look up in a phone book. I can and would gladly prove to an investigator, that I have closed deals and received commission checks. I dont just charge for a valuation, I have a profile and resume that is over a dozen pages written on each deal at my cost. I hire a broker in a local market on every deal to manage the local angle of any transaction. Now I know you probably think this is all free. And seriously if you say that, just provide me names of technical writers, and brokers that work for free. I sure dont. So, yea, I have cost in the game as well. Our staff is broken out this way. I have 3 project managers that manager paper flow between buyers and sellers and banks and us. I have a receptionist, I have 4 appointment setters that do much of our outbound marketing. I have two people who post and respond solely to actual buyers interest. I have buyers for every business we are working with. now I know you are saying BS to that as well. Any potential client or existing client, call me. I will share with you your buyers (of course we do that on everyone anyways) or a peek at our buyer list. You can even call these buyers or if you arent interested in that, I will forward you emails from them to us with their contact information and interest in your project specifically. And contrary to what everyone is saying, a valuation is not required on every deal. Private money doesnt care a bit about a valuation. They look at tax returns. I have over 100 deals that I never asked for money up front nor will I ever. And deal I sold at that. So seriously you sour little loser. I am tired of wasting my time on this site because you dont understand how to sell a business. I asked anyone who seriously disagrees with me leave a name and phone number like I have. Let the people call you and tell them what you know. If you dont leave a number and real name, why even waste time with this.

    As to Lorraine, I would appreciate if you and your husband call me when you read this. We have 2 buyers right now we are working with on your deal. And I know why you are worried, we have talked to your husband and not you. Perhaps you should speak with him about your concrete business and the buyers we are working with instead of surfing the net and flaming this idiotic site. But Lorraine, you have my number. Why dont you call Leah or I and ask for an update instead of this crap?

    I am always so impressed with people who bash online because either they failed or I have been outspoken to you at some point in your life. I am what I am. I know you wont put your name up because you know what would come of that. You would have people calling you all day long to tap into your vast intelligence. Once we know who you are, we would show them your history and connections.

    I personally have worked with some really unethical people in life. I worked with Randy Hicks. I didnt run his company or make business decisions. I worked for MCI for years and Qwest. Both of those companies, Fortune 100 at a time, defrauded millions of their investors of billions of dollars. Ive owned two other companies as well that are both still in business and have never offended a customer or client. I still get money from those companies. I have an opinion on everything on this planet. I dont live in the grey area. I do what I need to do to make businesses sell. I would also gladly show any client or prospect that signs a NDA my personal and corporate tax returns showing I made less money than my office manager some years, and others I made what I earned. There have been months where I dont take a check. Also, our business has debt. God forbid, if we were ripping people off, shouldnt I have a little more cash to my name? I struggle everyday to make a living doing it the right way. Then I have to deal with fools like you who know better or want to educate our people. You are a loser and frankly, if you are so smart and aware in life, why are you sitting around trying to mire my business in your crappy little world. Tell us who you are, your experience, what you do, and how you are doing. If you actually were a success you wouldnt spend time here. That goes for anyone who writes anymore on this stupid site or others bashing us. I have lowered myself to your level. I have passion for what I do. I love what I do, and there is nothing you can do to take it away. I will still be here years from now, just like I have already been here for longer than your company or the companies you refer to. I have lasted through this process and economy and I will be here. So, like I said, any potential client that reads this junk, you have two choices, call me to talk about it, or walk away. You do not have to do business with us. We would love you to feel comfortable, but we may not be able to always accomplish that. We will do our best. I have a great record and challenge ANYONE who has an issue with me to do what this country has taught us. Complain to a government agency that regulates us, or a consumer organization where we can sit down and talk out the issue and perhaps if need be get a neutral mind involved to clear the differences. I am not perfect, and I have made mistakes in life, but I promise you this. I talk about it freely. I will step up to the plate for any client and make things right if I can. If I dont agree with you, i will say so. And we can address that through the system.

    If I am such a bad guy and company call the Arapahoe County Court in Englewood Colorado and ask if there has ever been a case filed against us? Not one. Call the district court, the supreme court of Colorado. Not one case. Not one. Wow. People love to say anything they want, but its all BS. You know it. If you really believe the dribble you write you idiot, put a phone number to it with a name. I promise you that people will call. Including me. I employ 24 people that rely on my success. They have families, health insurance, house payments, all that good stuff. I pay corporate taxes to the IRS and State of Colorado. I pay employment taxes, I pay part of my peoples health insurance. I have made car payments, rent payments, hardship payments in behalf of the people who work for me. Out of my own pocket. You losers are selfish and think its entertaining to play this game. I dont find it funny at all. I find it childish. I find you mentally weak because you hide behind these posts and wont share how to reach you. You freely spew statements as fact about other people, and provide no proof. Then you connect them to me. What a joke. I am probably a good part of the reason AIG, Wachovia, Countrywide, Enron, and MCI are out of business. I probably am a major part of why people cant pay their mortgages or why the stock market has gone down so much. Why not connect me to that as well. You are a loser that your mama taught you to blame others for your failures. When you cant succeed try and bring others down. Its fun to be you. What a crappy life. I am moving on from this site and this post. I will not post anything further to this site. So anyone who is for real about wanting information, you need to call me and look at this idiotic site and others like it as what they are. Trash. Just like the old trash magazines at the checkout counter talking about aliens and celebrity affairs. Pick on me, Ty Tymkovich, the guy who has caused the entire problem of everything that has ever happened to anyone. And god forbid I run a business to make a profit. That is what I do. I make a profit. Dont like it, there is nothing on this planet you can buy and not pay a markup. Right down to seeds for a garden. You pay more than they cost. They cost nothing. God makes them. Every single thing has mark up in it. My world does too. Wow, I am sure nobody wants to do business with me now knowing I charge a premium for all the people I employ, all the work we all do each day, and all the expertise and effort I have spend years developing. Go start your own business and do it for free. That will put me out of business. Unfortunately, you cant do that anymore than you are telling me to.

    Wake up people. Close this window and just call me.

  • Ty
      17th of Oct, 2008
    -2 Votes

    And to your one accusation. Out contract looks NOTHING like any before. Its a form that is approved by the Colorado Division of Real Estate and could be enforced through said agency. So, yes, I can honestly say, my contract looks nothing like these other companies. Put your name up here with a number and fax anyone that calls you the contract you have from these other. I will guarantee you its nothing close.

    How you feel about that you little piece of ###? I open it up to you actually proving me wrong. I will gladly show ANYONE my contract in advance of doing business with me. I would love to have your attorneys review. I suggest you do that if you think there is "fishy" wording. How about them applies?

  • Le
      25th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Read the attached email... Does this look like a rational man? He makes threats, he is a real peice of crap, and I have figured out how to give him an electronic titty twister if you will! He claim to know me, and makes threats to post my name and company info, which is illegal and it is considered hacking, that he admits to. Just one more thing he does that is illegal! Go ahead and post, I know you like to gamble. I am calling your bluff! Just remember I have more info than you think Ty! I would not like to post it. I asked you to stop selling valuations that are not worth the paper they are written on for way too much money. What is the name of the valuation company. BES, or Nationwide. Ty do you think you want to keep doing this. Folks beware if this guy or his conmpany come to you, RUN VERY FAST... Read below, he is a nut job.
    Ty Tymkovich

    toLeon Coggins subjectRE: Hello

    Oct 23 (1 day ago) Reply

    Any more posts and I put your name up with your company phone number. I have
    an amazing web guy who did everything I paid him to do and more with your
    emails. I will also create a header for google with the above. Now that I
    know, I want you to know I am letting this die, but I expect you to as well.
    Doesn’t seem fair for me, as you have already messed up my reputation with
    lies, but I will do it. If you post anything more on any site, or anyone
    else does and it sounds like you, your name ends up online and your company
    switchboard so people can call you all day long. I will write a very
    compelling response and I will cc your HR people with the question of why
    you are using their internet resources to slam people. I will actually have
    my attorney write it so I scare the ### out of everyone. Like I said, we
    both drop this crusade until a better time. Or you best be prepared to lose
    work over it as well.

    I am done expecting to hear from you or seeing a post from you or ANYONE
    that sounds like you. Better hope that nobody else messes things up for a
    while, because your name and company will be smeared along with mine.

    Happy holidays!

    Ty Tymkovich, President
    Corporate Acquisitions Group

    14 Inverness Drive East, Suite H-236
    Englewood, CO 80112

    Office: 303-792-2010 ext. 705
    Fax: 303-792-2118

  • Le
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    What no response from the "BIG MOUTH" now!!! This just makes it real that you are full of it. You have nothing, you are nothing and your ship will sink soon! If any one has any questions don't call him, he likes to lie. There are plenty of legitimate ways to sell your business, and this is not one of them. I have sold two and purchesed three. If you have questions contact me and I will help you off line and get you in contact with a real company that will not rip you off. To Ty, well maybe you should go back in to telecom, people who know that industry expect to be lied to and have thier money taken from them!
    You are a real class act!

  • Ju
      10th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    These people called me too and said they had a business that wanted to purchase our business (they don't). We were to set up a meeting but in the meantime, they wanted all sorts of private info. about our company. I got suspicious and actually drove out to their "offices". This was interesting since their name is on the sign at the building but the offices were dark and empty of furniture or people. Looks like a total scam Ty. If anyone wants the real scoop, drive out and knock on his door in Aurora. He'd probably appreciate the intrusion into his privacy about as much as we all appreciate these ridiculous unsolicted phone calls.

  • Ty
      11th of Dec, 2008
    -2 Votes

    That is another funny one. Anyone can come by the above address. Suite H-236 (14 Inverness Drive East) we have 3000 square feet with 9 offices and over 9 people around here at any point. The doors are open from 8:30 to 5:00 every business day. Yesterday, there were people here until well past 6:00 p.m.

    I hope people read this for what it is. An untrue bashing of our company. I am sure we have wronged someone, probably a competitor or employee, but as alleged we are not scammers. We didn't meet with this person, nor are they a customer. As a reference that we occupy our offices and pay our rent, there is a Farmers Insurance guy right next door to us. Look him up and call and ask if we are here or the office is vacant. This whole blog is for idiots. People who post here are just whiners who want to bring us down. You lie, and this is great proof of it. ANYONE who reads this come by our offices as noted in the address above and see this person is full of himself and thinks posting lies works. This is the can say and post anything with no liability, and I cant ever get it removed. Its great for angry ex employees or people who think they know what the deal really is.

    You will note not ONE actual customer has complained and not one of these complainers has given their telephone number like I have. You can come by and visit anytime, no appointment necessary. I promise the door will be unlocked and there is plenty of furniture in the office. If you are someone with a complaint that is valid, post it and leave contact information for people to verify. You wont because you know its not real. And if you leave contact information on a bogus complaint, you will likely be litigated on by Corporate Acquisitions Group.

    Farmers agent link below so you can ask him if we are real and next door to him. He is also our insurance agent for the liability of our business property. You can also call the Arapahoe County Sheriff and have them come by to verify if we are a real company. You can also call the Colorado Division of Real Estate and tell them you don't think we are real and have them stop by. We don't need an appointment for anyone and our doors are always open and someone is here to conduct business. I might also suggest the state of Colorado Department of Revenue and ask if we are current on our employment taxes, as well as the IRS, whom we pay employment taxes to monthly. Our landlord is Global Pacific Properties in Englewood, CO, and you can validate we have office space and our current in our lease. Let me think what else, our phone service is through Integretel in Denver, we have a T-1 of lines and internet. We lease a copier from Lewan here in Denver and are current on that. Our phone system is leased through GE Capital and we are current there. Our phone number is 303-792-2010 and my personal extension is 705. You can always just call me. Or, like this hater suggested, feel free to come by my house and see how an alleged scammer lives. I have a 3BR in a starter neighborhood that is worth maybe $225, 000. In Denver, that is below the medium house price. It has a mortgage on it like everyone else. So I dont live high on the hog off of scamming people. I have also been in the same house for 11 years. So I dont move around to hide from all this stuff people say I do. I am available. If you want to come over and have a beer with me and watch the Broncos, come on over. I dont mind a bit. My partner has been in his house longer than I have. And its about the same size and value.

    So all you people who think I am raking it in scamming people out of money somehow...why don't you start up a competitor and see, because this don't cut it most days when you do it right. And I do it right. Feel free to respond, but I am done with this site. Potential clients are always welcome to call me to chat about this. If you are client and you have issue, leave your company name and number if we haven't resolved it. I deserve what I get in that regard. Not everyone is happy for sure, but I am in contact with everyone and fixing the things that are wrong. That is why I am in business.

  • Ag
      9th of Jan, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I would not believe anything that Mr. Tymkovich has to say or offer based on 3 minutes of research I just conducted, all Encyclopedia Brown style.

    You cannot search the B.B.B. USA, or Colorado, websites for case numbers, but one pleasant phone call later to the the Denver/Boulder BBB and I now have more queries than answers about what Mr. Tymkovich is trying to prove here with regards to his case # 75058939. The case was brought by a Mrs. Hall, of Co., not some kids boutique in Mn. This is all on public record from the Co. B.B.B. One would assume that Mr. Tymkovich would be partial to all this, being the president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC., and it is even more bothersome considering that Mr. Tymkovich posted this information in defense of his very tarnished business reputation.

    It is damning that when confronted about personal and professional ethical practice that Mr. Tymkovich chooses to respond with a blatant fabrication that is very easily ventilated out with a few moments of fact checking.

    Denver/Boulder B.B.B. main reference number: 303.758.2100

  • Ty
      15th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Feel free to ask the BBB what they did with this complaint. They dismissed it. Not me, they didn't think it had merit after reviewing and talking to both parties. I don't defend reputation. I just dont like that people can post lies. My actual reputation is verifiable. I have dozens of references of people you can look up in the phone book and speak to buyers or sellers. I have relationships in the brokerage community that have sold our businesses and co-brokered deals in their clients behalf. I actually figured this out...I dont care what people post. And again, call the BBB as this person suggests and ask about the Roberta Hall complaint. It was dismissed/resolved. I never alleged otherwise. we have 3 complaints, one is marketing, one is this one, and one is a case we went to arbitration on and the other party lost. I tell anyone who asks and I do the same as this guy and tell you to call the BBB yourself and ask. So again, I know you love to post here, and you can say anything you want, but as this person says, call the BBB and ask. You will find it is what I said. This site is my personal entertainment for someone who wakes up every day and sees we are still in business and wants us to fail. Must be a miserable life you have. Keep posting stuff not knowing, and its so easy to prove you wrong. And you do it for me. Tell people to call the BBB...I encourage it. Feel free to talk about each complaint. If you need me to authorize details, I have a signed letter giving the BBB the right to chat with you any details about any complaint on file. I have no issue with that at all. I have not lost an issue that was brought to them. I handled all of them, and each were resolved in my favor. So keep enjoying your miserable life beating on others. You arent a customer, you arent an employee, you are a self proclaimed advocate without knowledge. And you hope we go out of business. Well bad news...isnt going to happen. We are doing new things that help sellers to do for sale by owner, so we dont have to deal with even working a deal. Its all on the seller now. We will be here for a VERY long time. And you will be miserable waiting for us to fail. Have a great week and I look forward to your trashy responses when McDonalds lets you go from flipping fries today. Enjoy.

  • Ty
      15th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    And as a side point people who ready this, ask yourself why the people who post keep changing names and just using the same old news as before. Nobody posts here and says they are a client that is unhappy. If you are, post your name, phone number, and business name and let people call you to verify. Its just the same old boring guy. Go to work for the Washington Post...nobody reads that paper anymore and you could do your drama queen unverified writing and then later maybe write a retraction. At least with the internet and this site, you dont ever have to even admit who you are let alone verify anything as truth you write. You could write anything. And you do.

  • Le
      16th of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    "...from flipping fries..."? -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Traditionally the rather 2 dimensional hamburger requires flipping to facilitate proper and even cooking, while by their inherent nature, fries are deep fat fried. Statements like this show that Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. is completely lost within basic culinary protocol, and one could argue that not understanding the most basic differences between burgers and fries is anti-American.

    "...the Washington Post...nobody reads that paper anymore..." -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Last year the Washington Post reported $4.2 billion in general revenue. As president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. one would expect that Ty Tymkovich would have better elementary understanding of some national trend numbers for businesses. How can anyone think that Ty Tymkovich can properly and accurately represent their best financial business options when he makes such profound public admissions of ignorance.

    "...drama queen..." -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Homophobia and misogyny together, like chocolate and peanut butter, only from the Bizarro World? Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC., does not hesitate to use vicious and callous public attacks that illuminate his own very troubling prejudices.

    Why trust your cash monies to Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC., a man with a proven history of anti-American, homophobic, misogynistic, and woefully ignorant statements, like the ones above?

  • Ex
      21st of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    haha...still at it huh ty? As someone who has previously worked with these guys-giving them business would be the biggest mistake any of you could ever do. they may say they're "trying" to find you a qualified buyer-but really any schmoe off the street that calls in and says "i'm looking for this business" is considered an inquiry-regardless of what financials may come attached to them. They could be flat broke and half drunk and these guys would still consider it a legitimate offer on your business. Funny how I never got these comments folks posted until after I really saw what goes on there.

    You get a call from "Rick Webber"-who does not exist...not sure if they're using "rick" anymore-but it's really Ty on a recording.
    You set an appointment, which at the time may sound all glorious when in all actuality it is just to get this guy through the door
    This guy comes and talks you into writing him a check (if you're an idiot) to help you sell your business
    Corporate Acquisitions Group spends your money while they find you "buyers"

    If you read the contract-which I know most people do not get that far into details-it actually states that if they present you with a buyer they're off the hook. So in plain English-even if they introduce you to someone who is "interested" when really they are not-that's it...CAG off the hook!

    Ha...not to mention if you call their evaluation team-BES...I bet you that Evaluation costs anywhere from 200-800 bucks, regardless of the "size" of the business. Any good business man knows that you have to make your money somehow-and inflation is a ###...but come on, that's a bloody rip off!

    Funny how even those that you've said you're getting a letter of intent to buy-they didn't happen to go through have they? How many business' have you actually sold? In such a tough economy-are people eating your bull ### more so than usual ty?

    oh, and trust me-your money is being put to very, very good use. I actually don't think I've ever seen someone spend money so anyone?

    People post the truth here-and yet Ty Tymkovich you still twist their words into some sort of half truth that you probably honestly believe to be true *which is the worst part* You've been spewing bull ### for so long, even you're starting to eat it!

  • Le
      21st of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. utilizes automated telemarketing, fax-phishing, and completely fabricated press reports to generate business.

  • Le
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    "For the record, so these people know...I have never blast faxed to anyone, i have never offered a bogus reference..."

    -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    This site manages complaints from robocalls, unsolicited telemarketers, and fax-phishers. There are four(4) pages of complaints from businesses that have been contacted by blast fax and robocalls by Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Discussion regarding some of the fabricated press reports that Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. has proliferated as honest truth.

    /URL removed/

  • Ty
      25th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Yep that's me. I like golf. I do it a lot. Almost every summer day. I also market to sellers and buyers. I actually have more buyers than sellers by 8x. And you are right, lots are a waste of everyone's time. Never sent a blast fax in my life. Its illegal actually. Though robocalls (love that term), I do them all the time. Its how we market. I get ads in the mail all the time I don't want. Don't read them. Most of the time I just throw them away. Same is true for anyone reading this. Delete my call if you don't have an interest in my service. Yes, I make a profit. Oh man, that is criminal too. Gosh, last time I checked everyone in business did. Well, my detractor will probably say that's not really true, and its not in this economy. I am not either right now. I have sold businesses. Anyone who wants references can have them. They are real and you are welcome to call them. Ex employee, great job talking about my golf. I am sure you don't have a hobby. In fact, I am probably the only loser who does have one. I also ski a lot. And its expensive, like golf. I get a season ski pass for $399 to ski all year, and golf costs me about $2, 500 a year. Thats a bank breaker. Thank you to all those people who have contributed to that. In fact every business in the whole world uses profit for something we all enjoy. From recreation, to real estate. We should call everyone who makes money out into the open. Membership to my hobbies is something I like. Someone better file charges against me. I just made my 134th week in business and I am not going out. Ya'all keep bashing away. I like it. In fact, I have figured this site doesn't go away, so I am going to have fun with it. Also, my employees read it every day. So, I can use it for news to them as well. We got more letter of intents in the last 3 weeks than I got in the last 2 months of 2008. I have more purchase agreements pending funding right now than I had the last quarter of last year. I even got a letter from the SBA saying that they will soon release money on all pending deals. So, i am excited. I will be around a long time. Far longer than you people would like. Know what I have also found? People who search for us don't read past the first part of these dumb sites. They never see my responses or your bitterness. They either decide not to meet with us, cancel their deal, or do it based on the first post. None of this other stuff even gets read. And honestly, I haven't read it in its entirety since the 2nd post. So guess what, your bitter comments of how much a ### I am doesn't get the press you think. My employees are the only ones who read it with any regularity. So for them, I hired two new people for the sole purpose of matching deals. I hired one whole person to work with every buyer for financing. I am figuring this out. And when I do, I will be golfing every day of the week all week long and enjoying a mojito and laughing at your posts and how much I've enjoyed this time together. So, post away, analyze my writing style, my vocabulary, and my inaccuricies on whether fries are flipped or fried, which you are right, they are fried, and keep plugging away. I love it.

  • Le
      1st of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    "I am not either right now(making a profit)".
    -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Schadenfreude ist die schoenste freude.

    "Also, my employees read it every day. So, I can use it for news to them as well...My employees are the only ones who read it with any regularity. So for them, I hired two new people for the sole purpose of matching deals"
    -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC., please continue with your support of this webpage. This page now ranks first(1st) on Google for those that search for Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. It now stomps down the Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC website to a flaccid fifth(5th) place, and soon shall totally eclipse Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. removing them off the front page of Google searches.

    Having your employees reading this "every day" is a truly remarkable use of your time. As well as for adding superfluous hits that further sink Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. under the flotsam of your own hubris, it takes away precious time from your overall productivity and further spreads the message that Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. and "scam" are one and the same. It is truly touching that you have hired new staff at Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. to make up for this work that isn't being accomplished. Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. adds to his previous proven record of very questionable leadership decisions.

    "Feel free to respond, but I am done with this away, analyze my writing style, my vocabulary, and my inaccuricies(sic)...I love it."
    -Ty Tymkovich, president of Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC.

    Typed like a someone with a true Narcissistic Personality Disorder, especially your pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, lack of empathy, and being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power and prestige.

  • Le
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    "I personally have worked with some really unethical people in life. I worked with Randy Hicks. I worked for MCI for years and Qwest. Both of those companies, Fortune 100 at a time, defrauded millions of their investors of billions of dollars..."

    -Ty Tymkovich, president Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC

    Marvin Randolph Hicks: One count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, six counts of wire fraud via telephone calls and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

    According to the indictment:

    – PBS offered clients a “100 percent money back guarantee” that it would find qualified buyers for their businesses. When clients tried to claim the refund, PBS denied their claims.
    – Sellers were required to pay a designated fee to PBS for acting as an intermediary with buyers, a designated sum for hiring an independent firm to prepare a valuation of the business that was being sold, and a fee for successfully matching a seller and a buyer, which would be due two days after the sale.
    – PBS received very little money from completed buy/sale transactions. More than 98 percent of the money PBS received from clients was for independent third party business valuations.
    – In order to deny the guaranteed refunds, PBS provided clients with sham matches. The buyers PBS claimed were qualified in fact had no interest in purchasing the clients’ businesses.
    – In order to deny the guaranteed refund, PBS provided clients with references identifying individuals who were represented as business owners who had sold their businesses through the efforts of PBS. In fact, these references were the owners of PBS or PBS analysts and had never owned a business sold by PBS.

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