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Lubbock, TX, United States
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wrongful dismissal, I have work for Convegys and was employed for over 9 years. I was terminated two weeks before Christmas. Management new about it in November and they had to enhance the call using two different methods to hear. The alleged infraction, Management is not existent to assist with abusive customers and people who violate using residential account to run a business. They would rather fire associates then protect them. This is a sad state of affairs, where they could increase revenue and save millions of dollars by not training . New employees at over 6000 dollars per person plus there hours wages, averaging 25 people per class with a loss rate over the year to one. No one stays those that do are dismissed at any infraction. With management assistance or Corporate help . Wither by this Company or the company who contracts with them COMCAST. Both Company's are failing to save revenue by the constant treatment of the agents by customers. And outsourcing. Jobs to overseas operations, and annoying computer responses which is suppose to stream the process which doesn't it just frustrates the customer follow by an agent most times not US based. I realize no matter what I say it wont matter now that I am unemployed, and most likely wont get another job at my age. Companies should defend there employees instead of Customers that feel entitled.

Jan 10, 2017

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