Convergys Complaints & Reviews

Convergys / complaint

Jun 09, 2019

Dear chris Your managers in egypt are cheaters was working for more that 4 months as a machine to keep the business in egypt was at the at 3 june 2018 was truly sick told wael hussien the worrst manager on earth that im sick said no prob after 4 days have been infored that I had...

Convergys / pay

Jan 10, 2019

I attended training for one day on October 22, 2018. I had a family emergency and could not continue with training. I never received pay for that one day. I've contacted the trainer, the trainer supervisor, and someone in HR to no avail. However, I have yet to receive pay for that day. I...

Convergys / poorly run company

Jan 06, 2019

I recently, and briefly worked for this company as a Seasonal CSR. As others have pointed out, this place is extremely GHETTO! I'm talking, HOODRAT CENTRAL! The very worst that East Tampa has to offer! Although Convergys/Concentix (whichever they call themselves) claims to have a dress code...

Convergys / hr/team leaders/ services

Oct 10, 2018

My grandmother has lung and brain cancer and ha been very sick over the pat few months so I have had to care for her. I spoke with my TL who is Barbara Robinson (Bobbi) over the work at home agents and I informed her of everything that was going on. I did inform her of the days that I had...

Convergys / hr/payroll

Sep 28, 2018

I've worked for convergys for nearly 2 years and have recently gone off on long term sick because of a condition, which is made worse by stress. Whilst I have been off I have only been paid correctly perhaps once and for some perspective, I have been off sick since around June 2018. I have...

[Resolved] Convergys / how my dismissal outcome was handled

May 17, 2018

Felt i was bullied Brought into a meeting for a call where i was told i was rude but wasnt then sacked for a technical error. Constsntley getting watched by site director when helping other employees. Ignored when i asked to change my hours for mounths by hr tl and operations. Was told that they...

Convergys / background check

May 04, 2018

I have a perfect background. I retired from the Government. I was given a start date by Convergys work at home. I filled out their background report correctly. The manager couldn't get in touch with my previous supervisor. He is very busy most of the time. My previous government employer...

Convergys / hiring and human resources in las cruces new mexico

May 03, 2018

Was hired and signed job offer afterwards i was called ad told that they did not have my drug test and that i need to call and submit more information for my background upon contacting i was then told they need nothing and they would contact me if they do and that was from the company who...

[Resolved] Convergys / convergys san lazaro supporting homewreckers

Apr 27, 2018

Hi Convergys, You Philippines site particularly in San Lazaro, Cigna Chat Support is allowing employees like Eldrina Delima known as Dinz breaking family apart. Their team is very supportive of what she was doing. A family was affected. She was asked nicely to distance herself but she...

Convergys / wrongfully terminated after discovering breach in client contract

Oct 04, 2017

I was recently fired after discovering a breach in contract with one of Convergys most important clients (US Bank). I'll let you read what I sent the corporate compliance team stating the ethical misconduct that took place. My name is *****. ****Sr. ******* ******for Convergys CIT hosted...

Convergys Alabang / unethical behaviour sexual abuse illicit affair

Sep 30, 2017

i would like to file a complaint at convergys alabang but i think they will not take it seriously because in a call center environment where FUBU is tolerated, its kind of a norm inside their workplace. i would like to file a sexual complaint if they will take it or unethical behaviour in...

Convergys / recruiter

Sep 26, 2017

Hi I have a complaint against the Hr recruiting team of convergys I got shot listed from a consultancy and done with the rounds, they asked me to go to the company for further rounds and it was told to me that versent and accent round is passed Now after going to the company they spoke to...

Convergys / termination

Jul 14, 2017

Convergys101062907I worked for Convergys for ATT contract for 18 months I ranked 4th highest performer in that department. Convergys lost c ontract with ATT and sent me over to H&R Block. Had to train for Appt scheduler went to training for 2 weeks took test on Friday July 7, 2017 failed with a 70...

Convergys / immorality and infidelity

Jun 29, 2017

I would like to file a complaint for the employee named april estanislao garcillan who is a team leader in convergys megamall site who happens to be a mistress of my husband renz michael rubang sanidad who is a quality supervisor in convergys megamall and up commonwealth technohub site. I...

[Resolved] Convergys / forgery employee

May 31, 2017

Hello cvg north edsa philippines, i know this is one of the great company in the philippines why did you hire or allowed employee that submitted a fake documents? Like her transcript of record? The employee full name is christelle ann salgado bauyon. She is not already finished her 1year...

Convergys / an employee in the philippines

May 07, 2017

Good day, I would like to file a complaint against one of your employee. Her name is Sheena Marchorie Lobo Zara shes with your at&t cust service acct based at cvg mdc100 10th flr. I had a confrontation with her last may 4, 2017 when I saw her with my husband in front of your office. Shes my...

Convergys / an employee

Apr 21, 2017

Yes an employee there Paula reid. I believe is employee in Lubbock Texas. Was on the home with me and talking to another employee about smoking a bowl of marijuana on her break. I don't mind what they do on there on time. But please when on the phone don't let me the customer know about...

Convergys / wrongful/dismissal I am very upset

Feb 20, 2017

I worked for the company for 3 months I liked the training everything seem so well I was very excited the pay was so great especially being at home but also thought it was too good to be truth I am bilingual but I know even from home no company pays no more than 10 per hour. Anyhow I wa...

Convergys / wrongful dismissal

Jan 10, 2017

wrongful dismissal, I have work for Convegys and was employed for over 9 years. I was terminated two weeks before Christmas. Management new about it in November and they had to enhance the call using two different methods to hear. The alleged infraction, Management is not existent to...

Convergys / unethical, unprofessional, unfair with the junior or newly recruited employees by the trainer, supervisor and hr

Jun 22, 2016

Can a HR terminate the employees for not acknowledging something which they don't agree with? I recently joined Convergys, Gurgaon and I was on PST training period. My trainer Mr. Ronald Raj Dutt, shouted at me and insulted me in front of our entire batch just because I asked him for a...

Convergys / employment

Jan 28, 2016

The hickory nc converges, has got to have the highest turnover of any of them due to incompetent . Tm like jamie carr... She wouldn't take escalations she would refuse and go smoke !! So i tried to handle all calls my self in fact she wrote me up for something she should have done and...

Convergys / termination

Sep 24, 2015

I was only 4 weeks out of training and till learning the ropes and got let go cause i didnt know some of the stuff yet. The tl said she would help me but never did and when i did ask for help i was ignored. People that hardly showed up for work never got in trouble and we were told that u...

Convergys / credit card did not received yet

Sep 10, 2015

I have requested for a credit card of ICICI Bank from my company side and I did not get my credit card yet, I have received a massage that your card has been return however my company address is correct. { sec-48 sohna road Gurgaon bestech tower}. This Is the courier ID {[protected]}. I...

Convergys / fraud

Oct 18, 2014

there is an agent that I spoke with her name is Shakeyla. She is very rude and has an attitude. I believe she is stealing from the company. I work with her and she is always stealing time. She is also using others information and Im not quite sure what she is doing with it but it cant be...

Convergys / avoid this company like the plague

Jun 26, 2014

When I say run I mean run. This is by far the worst job I have been at. For 1 how they get you is they state that you will be customer service with a 2% sales goal, but when you finally hit the production floor its a whole another story. When your going through the training which is like 6...

Convergys / last pay

Jan 13, 2014

CONVERGYS (Jose Ma. del Mar Avenue Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City 11th & 12th Flr i2 Bldg Philippines) Human resource dept. namely EUNICE I was one of their previous employees back in 2010. Was connected with your company for just 3 months. I recently filed my clearance last 24Oct2013...

Convergys Corp. / wrongful termination

Jul 29, 2013

I never thought that I would be reaching out to others on the Web, like myself to try and make sense of WHAT type of company policies that The Convergys Corp. has and exactly " why" would they treat their employees so horribly. I too am a victim of their unfair practices on how they fire...

Convergys / termination

Apr 23, 2013

Wow! to see that I’m not alone with the frustrations and pain this corporation has caused. I was with the company for 6 years taking verbal abuse daily. I helped train and mentor agents continuously for no extra pay. I did it for the love of helping others and I’m such a people...

Convergys / employee treatment and legal issues

Jan 23, 2013

Starting pay, $8.50 plus commission. What a joke! The newer OM: Andrea is on a power trip and fires, demotes, or retaliates against anyone who has an opinion that doesn't coincide with hers. 4 plus AMAZING Team Leaders have been released In the last six months. Beware!!!. If you mi...

Convergys / taking money out of pay for ins and then not providing insurance beneftis


Convergys in Murray where my son was a CCS for the Bank Of America project has the same unethical business practices. They terminated his employment without any notice what so ever along with another 60 some people. He showed up for work and his badge was terminated. He tried to call them...

Convergys (Orem, Ut) / wrongful termination/discrimination


I moved to Utah in Oct of 2010 from California. My father is terminally ill & needs a caregiver sometimes. I found this job after about a week of living here because my next door neighbor had told me about them & said they pay well (which they do) and they have benefits even for part-timers. I...

Convergys / wrongful dismissal


My husband and I both went to work for Convergys on October 26, 2009. We started our training and 2 weeks into the training both of our kids got sick with the flu (that had been picked up from the filth of the Convergys building). I missed approximately 20 hours due to taking care of them...

Convergys / big liars


Me and my Fianc©e were suppose to be working at convergy's as a temporary position for the census job. we'll we arrive around 6 45 in the morning and I explain that I never received a call and in which I should of gotten a call back after the background check. I never got a...

Convergys / pf withdrawal not processed yet


Hi, My husband applied for PF withdrawal with regional PF gurgaon before 6 monbths but still the amount is not processed. Whenever we call them they give dates but nothing happens. Can anyone look ito this. Below are the details. PF Account No - HR/25204/29233 Company Name - Convergys Regards, Geethanjali K B

Convergys / management


I was employed at the Convergys in Chattanooga, TN (CSR FOR DIRECTV) and that is by far the worst place I have ever worked. It is nasty the management is horrible and they say that they will work with you on school and they don't. I stayed sick there do to how nasty it is and they...