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Jun 09, 2019

Convergys — complaint

Dear chris Your managers in egypt are cheaters was working for more that 4 months as a machine to keep the...

Jan 10, 2019

Convergys — pay

I attended training for one day on October 22, 2018. I had a family emergency and could not continue with...

Jan 06, 2019

Convergys — poorly run company

I recently, and briefly worked for this company as a Seasonal CSR. As others have pointed out, this place i...

Oct 10, 2018

Convergys — hr/team leaders/ services

My grandmother has lung and brain cancer and ha been very sick over the pat few months so I have had to care...


I've worked for convergys for nearly 2 years and have recently gone off on long term sick because of a condition, which is made worse by stress. Whilst I have been off I have only been paid correctly perhaps once and for some perspective, I have been off sick since around June 2018. I have only just received monies owed for holidays taken in June 2018, after sending emails to HR everyday, multiple phone calls and explaining what had happened several times. I have just been paid these holidays in September 2018.
Today is my payday and not only have the holiday monies I was paid been put through as a "cash loan", therefore deducted from this pay again, but the amount that was left over from the sick pay wasn't paid at all anyway.
Talking to HR about it is like banging my head against the wall; we get paid of Friday and if I'm not paid correctly I have no chance of getting it back until mid next week at earliest as they don't work weekends and there's no one else to speak to about it.
I'm trying to get better to go back to work but it's very unhelpful to be repeatedly unpaid or paid incorrectly, leaving me with stress of how I'll pay my bills.

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    May 17, 2018

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Convergys — how my dismissal outcome was handled

    Felt i was bullied Brought into a meeting for a call where i was told i was rude but wasnt then sacked for a...

    May 04, 2018

    Convergys — background check

    I have a perfect background. I retired from the Government. I was given a start date by Convergys work at...

    May 03, 2018

    Convergys — hiring and human resources in las cruces new mexico

    Was hired and signed job offer afterwards i was called ad told that they did not have my drug test and that i...

    Apr 27, 2018

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Convergys — convergys san lazaro supporting homewreckers

    Hi Convergys, You Philippines site particularly in San Lazaro, Cigna Chat Support is allowing employees like...

    Convergyswrongfully terminated after discovering breach in client contract

    I was recently fired after discovering a breach in contract with one of Convergys most important clients (US Bank). I'll let you read what I sent the corporate compliance team stating the ethical misconduct that took place.

    My name is *****. ****Sr. ******* ******for Convergys CIT hosted solutions. When I first came on board back in June I noticed something was different with this database environment. It lacked the basic principles that formally trained DBAs learn from day 1. Ensure availability, maintainability and data security. My teammate who I will not name tried their best but due to lack of proper training and experience could not manage CIT's database environment without help. This is where I came into the picture. As the first weeks went by another obstacle came to light. Effective communication was not welcomed as I had to direct every question I had to my teammate becuase she described the relationships with other teams as fragile. So I did my best to improve the stability of the environment without the ability to communicate to anyone but the one person who didn't want to change anything. The lack of progress due to the communication barrier drew the attention of my boss, Jim Harris. I spoke to Jim about the instability of the environment and the urgency of the matter. For example, CIT manages 4 production databases none of which backup to an offsite location. Anyone with general knowledge of databases knows that this is not even close to an acceptable model. Convergys would lose every client if word of such leaked. Jim's response to my concern was, we could still be at risk if th backups were compromised. At that point I knew there was a problem. Shortly after my concerns were voiced I was put on a performance improvement plan. Before the first PIP meeting Jim confided in me that my job may be at risk but if I were to lose my job that I would receive up to $20, 000 and unemployment benefits. I thought he was joking. I never thought my job was at risk becuase of the trouble this environment was in. I figured they wanted help making it stable. One day my monitor script which checked the status of USBank's GoldenGate environment alerted me that there was a sync issue. After further investigation, the sync was interrupted many times before this and never put back into sync completely. This is the credit card targeted offers system we host for USBank. USBank is a client that intervoice cannot lose or they would face a serious hardship. I mentioned to Jim the issue and stated that targeted offers were not available to one of the servers which is half of the traffic. A couple of million calls were made without the ability to give a offer to the customer. WHen I addressed the issue I was told by my teammate not to mess with it as we didn't have the time. It is my belief the anxiety of the situation was too much to handle. I told Jim of the problem and it was brushed under the rug. This was a clear violation of our customer contract that would result in a huge penalty of SLA infraction. 2 days later I was let go becuase of performance problems. The only performance problem that existed was the one I was resolving that lingered before I came on board and will continue until formally adrressed. The fact is, I was let go to quiet my concern of an SLA violation which will result in a large penalty. The actions taken by Jim Harris were in my opinion ethically wrong and this is why I am adressing you today. My termination was not in good faith. Please help me resolve this problem.

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      Convergys Alabang — unethical behaviour sexual abuse illicit affair

      i would like to file a complaint at convergys alabang but i think they will not take it seriously because in...


      Hi I have a complaint against the Hr recruiting team of convergys

      I got shot listed from a consultancy and done with the rounds, they asked me to go to the company for further rounds and it was told to me that versent and accent round is passed

      Now after going to the company they spoke to me stating it is not cleared

      I would not recommend any1 to this company because neither the management of the recruiting team is good

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        Convergys — termination

        101062907I worked for Convergys for ATT contract for 18 months I ranked 4th highest performer in that...

        Convergysimmorality and infidelity

        I would like to file a complaint for the employee named april estanislao garcillan who is a team leader in convergys megamall site who happens to be a mistress of my husband renz michael rubang sanidad who is a quality supervisor in convergys megamall and up commonwealth technohub site.
        I already filed a case for my husband ra 9262 and will file again for concubinage. Im also waiting for the court appearances for his infidelity that causes too much pain for me and to our children since he abondoned our family and choose to stay with his paramour ms. Garcillan. I felt hopeless since your company tolerates this kind of behavior knowing that my husband is a family man. I also raised this incident to the upper management (head hr in megamall site and to my husbands' manager) before. Unfortunately no one would assist me. We have 2 minor kids and my husband is not fully supporting us (his own family). We are legally married and I believe the sanctity of marriage however, your company cannot meddle with this problem. He only supports us 1500 pesos per week with 2 kids knowing that he is earning more right now for his job.

        I would like to request if you can dismiss the mistress april garcillan or my husband renz sanidad in your company because of immorality and dishonesty, abandonment of his own family. I am also waiting for the case filed on court. Hoping that you can help me.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Convergys — forgery employee

          Hello cvg north edsa philippines, i know this is one of the great company in the philippines why did you hire...

          Quezon City

          Convergys — an employee in the philippines

          Good day, I would like to file a complaint against one of your employee. Her name is Sheena Marchorie Lobo...

          Quezon City

          Convergysan employee

          Yes an employee there Paula reid. I believe is employee in Lubbock Texas. Was on the home with me and talking to another employee about smoking a bowl of marijuana on her break. I don't mind what they do on there on time. But please when on the phone don't let me the customer know about your drug use. She was very rude and didn't care she was even working.

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            Convergyswrongful/dismissal I am very upset

            I worked for the company for 3 months I liked the training everything seem so well I was very excited the pay was so great especially being at home but also thought it was too good to be truth I am bilingual but I know even from home no company pays no more than 10 per hour. Anyhow I was still happy and blessed work and calls seem to easy and enjoyable my 1st week of taking calls I notice a strange issue with my phone "Avaya" I noticed that I kept having delays on the phone like the call will come in into I3 but not on the hard phone I mention this to my trainer and he said he was going to look into it. Days passed nothing I let it go but it then continue constantly by the time I let the support team chat and TL I was told it was my internet all the time its my internet in that case I called about 3 techs they rewired my whole home and switched my modem boxes the company even made me purchased a brand new computer and new router everything was new except my Avaya phone that phone kept rebooting turning off on my and doing a lot of weird things and no one this is including "their" techs from bomgar trouble shoot my Avaya phone my TL who I felt she was not a good TL Amy never listen to me I kept telling her what the tech told me and she kept saying "Well I am telling you that its your internet and if you don't get it fixed you will get pointed out ok says passed and I noticed other coworkers started to experienced the same issue with Avaya as well and I felt relived because I knew that at this point it wasn't only me my TL said that I will need to upgrade my internet package or get a business account which I knew right away I couldn't do that when I got hired I wasn't told I needed that type of account if your company is so strict about internet being super perfect then they shouldn't have people working from home because there not here at our homes to know exactly what is going on I never heard of a work from home agent that needs to have a business internet account that is too expensive. Any how the issue continue no one helped and this week this so call TL supervisor terminated me because she said that " I lied to the member and that I left the caller in another call on hold for 10 minutes" WHAT are the coaches there for to fool around or to help I was given information from a coach who told me I was able to mail that persons eob this is not right and yes no one showed me the text If I knew this was going to turn this way I would of taking a picture of that chat the Team lead looks like she doesn't care about her employees the techs on the other side also don't help the coaches some help and others don't I will not recommend working for this company at all if we talking about being professional please do me a favor and be professional yourself and don't waste other people time and money because when there's a problem with your devices you find an excuse to either blame something else or fire you for a call when its your device that doesn't work you do that to not pay the employee or send out another phone and pay shipping this is very bad its ok I am glad I am a good person and bilingual thank god I can find a job very fast good luck.

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              Convergyswrongful dismissal

              wrongful dismissal, I have work for Convegys and was employed for over 9 years. I was terminated two weeks before Christmas. Management new about it in November and they had to enhance the call using two different methods to hear. The alleged infraction, Management is not existent to assist with abusive customers and people who violate using residential account to run a business. They would rather fire associates then protect them. This is a sad state of affairs, where they could increase revenue and save millions of dollars by not training . New employees at over 6000 dollars per person plus there hours wages, averaging 25 people per class with a loss rate over the year to one. No one stays those that do are dismissed at any infraction. With management assistance or Corporate help . Wither by this Company or the company who contracts with them COMCAST. Both Company's are failing to save revenue by the constant treatment of the agents by customers. And outsourcing. Jobs to overseas operations, and annoying computer responses which is suppose to stream the process which doesn't it just frustrates the customer follow by an agent most times not US based. I realize no matter what I say it wont matter now that I am unemployed, and most likely wont get another job at my age. Companies should defend there employees instead of Customers that feel entitled.

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                Convergysunethical, unprofessional, unfair with the junior or newly recruited employees by the trainer, supervisor and hr

                Can a HR terminate the employees for not acknowledging something which they don't agree with? I recently joined Convergys, Gurgaon and I was on PST training period.

                My trainer Mr. Ronald Raj Dutt, shouted at me and insulted me in front of our entire batch just because I asked him for a help to set my monitor since it was not working. Before that, in the morning also, I asked him for help regarding my cab since I was not getting cab for 2 days. Then also, he disconnected my call and shouted at me for that when I entered inside the training room.

                I did not say anything, just asked him to talk normally. Can't he talk to us like a human? He talks to us as if we are some dogs, not a human. He doesn't have any professionalism. Everytime, instead of teaching us, he would just threaten us that how powerful he is and how he has that ability to terminate anyone whenever he wants.

                Later, his boss (the training manager) called me and again, she was shouting at me on top of her voice. She was more annoying than her subordinate Mr. Ronald. She literally was abusing me. For what, I was still wondering. She did not even let me speak a single word and I was like, a small puppy, in front of them.

                After that, I have been asked to acknowledge a CAP which stated something I didn't do. I completely denied to acknowledge the CAP because I did none of them mentioned in the CAP. I just asked for help regarding my system and cab.

                I then cleared everything regarding that with the Senior HR and she agreed to write what exactly had happened. Everything had happened in front of the entire training batch so neither I could lie nor could he. I told her everything and they investigated on that issue as well.

                But then again, a man who claims himself to be my HR (but he is actually an HR), didn't buy it. After 2 days, he called me to his office (twice), let me sat beside him and asked me to acknowledge whatever he has written on the CAP and when I refused it, he shouted and yelled at me the same (why can't these people talk normally?). Whatever written there on CAP was all a fake allegation and so, I couldn't acknowledge something which I haven't done, right? Finally, he asked me to leave the office and sent me a termination email on the basis of insubordinate that very night.

                Is not acknowledging the something which is not correct and which I am not agree with or haven't done, an insubordinate?

                Does he have that authority just because he is an HR, to fire anyone just like that??

                Whom should I approach for help?

                I am new here in this company so I really don't have any idea whom should I approach for help and I don't even have that senior HR's contact no. or mail id. Her name is Anamika.

                Can they terminate anyone without adding any senior or other officials while terminating a employee through email? In that termination email, he didn't cced anyone. It was only me. Sent from his id and sent to me only, no one in the cc list. Is this termination legally right or void?

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