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I called to get a quote on a car I was just looking at meaning I do not own the car, and they told me that when I did choose to buy the car that when I did call back that the cost of the warranty would be even higher than it was to begin with.

I was repeatedly encouraged to lock in the rate by charging the down payment to my credit card even thou I don’t yet own the car I was inquiring about the warranty for.

Sounded like excellent coverage, but with the high pressure sale I felt more like I was speaking to a used car salesman so I hung up on them, the end...

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  • Br
      Apr 28, 2008

    I used to work for Continental and trust me. . . don't give them your money. First of all the whole "you must sign up now today or you will have to pay more" ( 12% financing as opposed to 0%) is just a lie or a sales tactic as they like to say. They don't have 12% financing or anything else, they only have 0%. Their sales reps don't do call backs. They go for one extremely high pressure sales pitch and if you want to review the literature or talk to your spouse or simply think it over for a few days they tell you that you will have to pay more and you won't receive the first time applicant incentives, which is a straight up lie. The reason they don't want to give you any time to review any literature is because they know once customers get the opportunity to go over the plans they will see the ###. For instance, they may cover your repair but you've got to pay for the diagnostics breakdown. Also, the administrators must agree with the mechanic as to the cost, cause and cure of the claim. . . good luck with that. The company is notorious for complaints to the BBB, and the customer service reps are up to their eyeballs in furious customers who have just discovered the rub. Sales reps make up to 150 calls a day and may only close 3-4 and of those, 1-2 may only actually keeping to coverage after they review the plans. You should never trust any company with a NOW OR NEVER sales pitch, there is always a catch.

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  • Ri
      Oct 02, 2008

    Today 10/01/2008 I am truly a victim. Everything posted above is true. Hopefully I can still get my full refund as the sales representative have promised... which I doubt. Experienced the pressure by the rep to close the deal, I told the rep that I am ready for dinner and call me back in 30mins, and she stated "what difference does it make if we close the deal now" then mentioned that they can't give me the same rate. I am not aware that people can lie here in U.S. just to sell their products. It's a shame. Felt bad.

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  • Lo
      Oct 31, 2008

    I am amazed to read this complaint and of course the "Ex Employee" insider comment, let me respond as a six year employee.

    We do strive to sell someone on the initial contact for the following reasons:
    A.)First contact is in general the most honest a customer will be in regards to mileage accuracy, and also any pre existing conditions.
    B.) The complaintee says we wouldn't just call back in 30 minutes, we talk to thousands of people daily who flat out lie to us as sales people claiming I need 24 hours or call me back next week. It is common in sales to hear these brush offs and lies so that for a legitimate client who really needs an hour we probe a little extra just to make sure that they are interested so we don't waste their time. I hope no one reading this ever has to experience calling someone who asked you to call them back in an hour and have their wife yell at you and call you a telemarketer, but it can be dispiriting.
    C.) We work with 2 100 year old insurance companies who quite honestly do not allow us to sign everybody up randomly with no control. Think of the present economic state of the mortgage lending field and how they let everyone get a loan without a care in the world. Now that industry is in meltdown, if we let customers call us broken down or on their own scheduele we would be bankrupt.

    D.) Anyone reading this complaint and would like a legitmate overview of our company please go to All of our plans and our insurers are clearly spelled out without you spending a dime.

    Thanks Lonnie Pitts Welcome Center Manager

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  • Fo
      Nov 28, 2008

    Unfortunately it appears Continental is not a reputable organization. I purchased a contract on my Nissan Titan in 2006 and it was supposed to cover everything including electronic parts. I was traveling a lot then and never read the details after receiving the papaerwork and even that had to be sent twice. Now that I have a problem with an IPDM part they refuse coverage. as it turns out there is very little they actually cover. The Nissan Dealer was very surprised stating that all the other warranty providers they have dealt with cover both IPDM and the ECU electrionic parts. Their sales tactics and the actual results are both undesirable. I should have known better and I hope others learn from my mistake and the mistake others have made. A simple google of their name with the word "complaint" after it will tell you more than enough to know you should beware of these people.

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