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I had been looking around for a warranty for my 2004 Mitsubishi w/105, 000 miles. I received a call from Continental and several other companies but for some reason decided to talk with Continental. Like others that have written their experience with them I as pressured into giving a $295 deposit in order to get a complete warranty Agreement. I must have been off my medication - I really never do something like this. That was May 23, 2008.

I took the Agreement o my mechanic and had said he didn't think it was comprehensive enough and couldn't understand what the deal was with putting 'the special sauce' in the radiator (I'm being very kind here). So on June 24, 2008 I called the manufacturer and Continental as required in the agreement. I was told I would receive the refund in 3-4 weeks

July 30, 2008 I call to inquire about the refund and was told it would hit in the next 5 days.

August 5, 2008 no refund so I call again. Here is the great part; I was told that they were running behind and had no idea when I would receive a refund. When I said I was going to deny the original charge they said that was the best thing to do. Whatever.

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      Nov 25, 2008

    I got had by Dura Lube and their sales organization, administrator and lube organization. Bought the contract by phone while on the road for my wife before her '04 Cadillac SRX went over 50, 000 miles. We never got the contract or the product. We put down $400 and made 4 payments of $125 when we called to make use of our extended warranty, as our
    car had just turned over 56, 000 miles. We got nowhere for three weeks of calling to make use of the warranty, by supplying service records per munufacturers spec's and the On Star dates of service. They denied the claim so we repaired
    tee car for $2100.

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