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consumer portfoilo services / car payment

1 irviane, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 630-288-2800

this is a company that all they do is call for there payment no matter if you have it in the mail to them they start calling the very next day. in one day i have gotten over 30 calls. they are rude and they threaten all the time i had to leave my job 2 ours early because they called my mother in laws and told hee they had a tow truck circleing my road to my house to pick up the car.there have been times i have been late but this is so stupid im caught up but they keep saying i am one month behind someone needs to shut them down they are no good disrespectfull people and they need someone to go in and take care of there mouths for lying etc.

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      5th of Feb, 2009
    consumer portfoilo services - Overall A Bad way of doing Buisness
    Consumer Portfolio Services
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-469-2250

    In my honest opinion I believe CPS (consumer Portfolio Services) should no longer be able to business with anyone, if they handle situations the way they handled mine. Due to the economy, in November of 2008 I knew I was not going to be able to make my whole payment. A week before it was due, I called CPS to ask for some kind of extension and explained to them my situation. They quickly told me that no one was in to answer that for me and to call back next week, so I did. When I called back the following week they were quick to tell me “There is nothing we can do for you, we will note the account and you have till the end of the month to make your payment”. Once my payment was late (even know I had a credit on my account for about 50.00 I pay extra every month), they were calling constantly, 3 to 4 times a day. Once Dec.08’s payment was coming near to being due, I decided that I no longer wanted to try and make the payments and was ready to do a Voluntary Repossession. When CPS called me one day, I didn’t answer the phone so they proceeded to call me at my job. My boss answered and they were rude and nasty to her. So she called CPS back to complain, when she got a so called manager he asked her to help them get the truck back, which wasn’t there at work. They told her details on my account, and I do think that was very unprofessional. Once I returned to the office, I answered a call from them and told them to come and get the truck, told them I was taking my tag off and was parking it in a Lowe’s parking lot. They said they would come get it, but they never did. They told me they would take me to court and garnish my wages and everything and that got me worried. They kept calling up until I told them I was filing for bankruptcy. Which in a sense should do but would of never thought of doing if it want for this truck, I cant afford for them to take more a month from me than my monthly payments are and not have the truck. They tried to repo it from me about 2 weeks ago but I wasn’t driving it that day at work. They never came to my home to get it, but did reposes it from my work a week ago.

    These people, lie, are rude, ignorant, and very unprofessional. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer to see if I have some type of case. My states statue states they have to deal with this situation more peaceful and professional. If I would of know what type of people would have been loaning me money I would never got the truck. (Not an actual bank a group of investors)They harassed me& my employer. They embarrassed me as well. This company should never be allowed to do business with anyone and I think this company needs to learn how their business skills need to drastically improve. To be honest I have delt with debt collectors that are more professional, and some of those people can be rude.

    If anyone would like to contact me on details about a civil suit or intrested in pursing a civil case with me please feel free to contanct me.

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