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If politeness was all that mattered I'd give them high marks - but their polite emails and phone reps stand in stark contrast to their actual customer service policies.

I ordered an xbox elite on June 22nd, it arrived on June 25th (as anticipated) but that's where the "fun" began. They shipped the wrong power cord with it so I emailed and called them on the 26th to request that the correct cord be sent. They said it would be shipped, then I emailed again on the 29th and got a response saying that it had already shipped. I called again on July 2nd because the cord still hadn't arrived and came to find that not only had it not yet been shipped, but also that it was being shipped via regular mail (even though we'd paid for an expedited shipping upgrade on the original order).

The cord finally arrived on July 6th but, after appearing to work (booting up, connecting to the internet) we discovered that game discs didn't work on it! So now it has to be shipped back (at my expense). Ironically, when I called them today because they still hadn't responded to the email I'd sent yesterday (or managed to answer the phone either of the three times I tried calling), I was told that I was really lucky because it was the 14th day--their cutoff point for returns (a fair enough policy in normal situations, but I was just able to turn it on for the first time the day before yesterday!!) They don't show any xboxes in stock so I know they can't honor their promise to ship me a new unit once they receive mine so I am canceling my order and hoping that, for the first time in this whole process, they do the right thing and refund the entire amount of my order.

If you're feeling lucky - give them a try...otherwise, this might be a company to pass by. Low prices and nice reps don't count for much if they don't deliver working products in a timely fashion or have any idea what customer service is about.

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