SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / warning: katarina onuschak of imeda is bankrupt; immigration consultant and former iccrc director member of capic

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Public should be aware that Ms. Onuschak of IMEDA Immigration Education Alliance filed her Bankruptcy in 2009. She is immigration consultant and was allowed to run and in ICCRC board of election in 2013.
She started a new business IMEDA Immigration Education Alliance and now back in business with her frineds who are also Immigration consultants and former ICCRC board of directors.
"It is true that I declared personal bankruptcy in November 2009. At that time, my company was incorporated and all my business transactions were handled in the corporation. I declared bankruptcy with R1 credit rating - never missed a single payment. At that time, CSIC By-laws did NOT specify when the members has to report a bankruptcy. We reported annualy, on October 31, so my next report would have reflected the bankruptcy. CSIC instituted a new policy on January 24, 2010 but suspended my license on January 21 for not complying with the new policy."

Dec 03, 2016

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