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D Nov 24, 2017

When you write in the forums and "they" don't agree with you they just bann you !!
There are members who post the most racist things on there about Jews, Muslims, Africans basically anything that isn't a white christian and absolutely nothing happens to them.and there are about 10 to 20 regular posters 10 to 15 of them will gang up on you if you state the facts about christianity and the crimes christians committed but at the same time they post ridiculous crazy things about anything that isn't white christian!!!
Few examples.
1.The Europeans did great and peaceful things in Africa and when Europeans left, Africa got messed up...
2.should we kill all the Muslims...?
3.about the genocide trial in the Hague ( Bosnia, Balkans) " thousands of dead Muslims, why are we complaining" 

These are just a few examples and nothing happens to those members BUT if you dare to call them out on their racist comments YOU are the one getting banned!!! many scammers!!!
They should change the name from connecting singles ( CS ) to connecting scammers (CS) same initials so the Nazis running the site won't have to change anything.

You can look at all the Nazis posts on the forums without making a profile just Google connecting singles forums.
BTW all my threads and posts were removed after I got banned ( free speech??? )
So all you will see is Nazis confirming each others posts

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