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Conexis / cobra fraud cancelation

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I have had Conexis for my Cobra administrator for several months and have had nothing but problems. When they first took over for the employer they cancelled me and several other ex-employees insurance. After much hardship we were all re-instated. Now last month I made a payment on -line on the 23rd day of the month. I had more than adequate funds in my account to cover the payment. I paid two month premium at once. I double checked the routing and account numbers. I printed the confirmation page. Then on the 8th day of the following month I received a notice that my coverage had been cancelled. I called and spoke to a customer service representative who said I must have made some mistake because the payment did not go through and so my insurance was cancelled. I asked if I had any options and was told no. Asked if I could speak to anyone else I was told no. I was told I could file an appeal. That was it. I called in again and given the same abrubt treatment. I was told to file an appeal but told my appeal would fail. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that I would probably get voicemail. I told I would try anyway. Was put on hold for 30 minutes. No voicemail. Finally hung up. Will be getting an attorney.

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  • Co
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    I am experiencing the exact same thing. It has been going on since July 6, 2009. I had cobra through my x husbands company and conexis was the 3rd party adminstrator. I sent in a payment on my 18 month on June 6. Over July 4 weekend I just so happened to be looking at my bank statement and found that the check had not been cashed. I called monday July 6. They told me they never received my payment therefore I was cancelled. I explained that I sent in a payment gave them check register # check. they said I could appeal but it would do me no good as I did not send my payment certified.I said who sends their bills certified NO ONE. I then asked for managers. I got a managers name Lois Chang, I left several voice mails. she never answered nor returned my phone calls. I called the dept of ins, dept of labor, dept of managed health to get them involved. Finally with the help of dept of insurance they accepted to look at my appeal they said they would send it to my x's employer and to get their input of reinstating. (Now, what do you think that x employer is going to say "oh sure reinstate her). Conexis said that they have 30 days to respond. This was on July 24. It is now August 27, and of course have not heard from Conexis. I called spoke to a rep she said no manager was available but would have someone call me.

  • Hd
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I went through similar stuff to the above and was only able to get it fixed by enlisting the HR head of the employer. Conexis has a clear preference to bump us off COBRA by any means necessary and then to be of no help at all to fix the mess they made. They refused a check in May w/ a cancel notice. That check came back in late August. Something stinks about CONEXIS.

  • Jm
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    I have a problem with Conexis too. I got laid off in February and decided to keep my dental coverage from March on. Conexis made a mistake and charged me for February. My letter from Conexis said that my coverage would start when I paid the bill. I sent in my payment at the end of July. I had not used the benefits until the end of July, and I was also planning on using the benefits in August and September, until my new coverage kicks in on October 1. Unknown to me when I sent in my check on July 27, was that my former employer had no longer been providing dental coverage to the remaining employees since June 30. I received back my July payment. When I called Conexis with a coverage question in August, I found out that the dental coverage had ended on June 30. I explained to Conexis that had I known that coverage was cancelled by the end of June, I would never have paid for March - June. I never used the benefits until July when I knew I was covered which was confirmed by Conexis. Conexis told me that I need to send in a written request for my money back and that a response could take as long as 30 days. I was told it was unlikely that I would get reimbursed.

    I decided to contact HR at my former employer, and also the BBB. If you look at thebbb of Texas website, you will see that Conexis has received an "F" rating from the BBB because they have had 56 complaints against them. I will sue them in small claims court as a last resort. I thought COBRA was set up to help unemployed people, especially in this economy when jobs are so hard to come by, not to cheat people out of their money.

  • Sg
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    My problems have not been COBRA related, as I still work for my employer (for now). But the difficulties I have had dealing with Conexis have been no less frustrating or counterproductive. I have been battling with them over charges regarding a dentist's appointment since April 2009. My FSA card has been frozen, they have challenged nearly every single claim I have filed manually - and these have been legitimate claims, some of them that were previously covered by Conexis without being questioned. I am basically being extorted for a payment of $800 not covered by my existing dental insurance, which was not covered by Conexis and which they have informed me they have no intention of paying, because "payments for medical or dental services must be made at point-of-sale" and not in advance, which is how I took care of the charge. If I had known that in advance I would've never done it, but I was never advised of this "rule" with any documentation, and if you've been to the Conexis website (an absolute JOKE), you know that the rules and regs aren't clearly posted anywhere on their webpages, either. I DO NOT want them to be able to keep the balance on my FSA card without a fight, so if it will help in your cause and mine, I'd like to tell my story as well if you all decide to join forces on a group lawsuit. I can be contacted at

  • Cl
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    Same general problems with Conexis, I have been paying them consistently since February for Health and Dental ins only to find out in Sept/Oct when my son occurred over $1700 in dental services that we do not have any dental coverage. When I called conexis every one I've spoken with has been incredibly and unnecessarily rude. And no one has addressed or even seem to attempt to find out where my money has been going if not to cover our dental ins. They have blamed the insurance company and/or my previous employer
    all without even putting me on hold or trying to contact any other agency. And I believe that the "supervisor"
    I talked to is a 20 year old who has his first job paying over 10.00 and is starting to "smell himself". Because my son's dental services were not cosmetic and needed to be handled immediately I ended up taking out a loan for 1200.oo to cover what I could not afford to pay. All while still paying this company for dental services in hopes that it can be resolved and my ins will be put into force. I believe that Conexis feels it as a company is not responsible to anyone but themselves. As long as Conexis receive payment from the employer and receive money from the employee and make minimum attempts to send payments out to the insurance company they feel they are in no way responsible to answer to anyone. They can simply say "you need to contact the employer or the insurance company." The employer doesn't neccessarily want to be bothered which I believe is why they hire a company to handle the Cobra issues. The insurance company is not accountable because they are simply waiting for their payments and the appropriate paperwork so why should they reach out to contact Conexis. I am dissapointed in the system and I do not know what to do...

  • Ro
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    Connexis is nothing but fraudulent company. When my wife was charged $350 to continue health coverage under Cobra, she decided to add me and they ended up giving us the bill at $980. After I called them and demanded answers as to where they got such balance, they told me that we would be paying $925. WTF.

    So we demanded what my wife's employer was paying for the both of us and they claimed that it was a confidential information.
    We called the HR and were told that the employer only paid $565 for the both of us (since we still in our early 30s)

    Is there a number or dept that overseas the COBRA. I thought it s a state thing after you get wacked by your employer.
    If you guys are interested in filing for class action against Conexis then let s act on this.

    You are more than welcome to send me emails to

  • Cl
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Conexis dropped me at the beginning of January, 2010, alleging non-payment in December. I paid my premium via check prior to December, but paid online in December and printed the receipt. Now Conexis is saying that I have to file an appeal. I mailed the appeal the same day, and Conexis has already received the appeal. No reply so far. I will keep you posted. I am interested in class action activity. This is fraud. Texas Attorney General should be notified, as well as the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • He
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    I had a very similar problem with Conexis. They canceled my insurance with no notice for being past due $1.60 because THEY gave me the wrong amount to send in. Then I had to mail in a check for the balance (since my account was closed I couldn't pay over the phone, how convenient for them) which they "never received." I put in a request with their accounting dept to look for the check and they still said they couldn't find it. I then had my old HR dept contact them and they mysteriously found my check that day and cashed it. (That's the short version of the story.)

    Here's what I've learned about how to work with this company:
    •If you want them to call you back regarding something you have to say the words "I am requesting a call back"
    •If you threaten to contact the BBB or HICAP they may hang up on you (this happened to me)
    •They will not tell you that contacting your HR will help you get your insurance back, nor will they offer any information that may be helpful, even if they know it.
    •CALL YOUR HR the first problem you have - I wish I had known this.
    •If you're account has been canceled they will direct your call to the rudest most unhelpful people. The difference between the people I have spoken to when my account was active vs. canceled was huge.
    •Mail anything you send them registered mail with delivery conformation.
    •Log all your calls, names times and what they told you

    Good luck dealing with this company. From what I can tell they're not the only company who get's paid to get you kicked off your health care. Remember this when you vote: we need a public option.

  • Ia
      23rd of Jan, 2010
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    Since Dec 8th, 2009, I have been trying to get the corrected 'Certificate of Coverage. I have talked with Customer Service 3 times and left message for the Supervisor, but to no avail. Although the customer service has acknowledged their mistake, they promise to send the correct certificate with 10 business days - that has never happened. The supervisor never returned my call.

    My COBRA coverage started on 01/01/2009. Because of some internal changes at Conexis, I was assigned a new account number from June 1st, 2009. Hence, the certificate sent to me shows the coverage start date of 06/01/2009. This is incorrect - because of this mistake, it shows a gap in my health coverage. Also, because of this, my current health insurance company has put a 'Pre-existing condition' limitation.

    Now I am planning to write to the State Attorney General about Conexis. It is about time someone started taking care of the 'Service' companies.

  • Gr
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    Romello1996 0 Votes

    Connexis is nothing but fraudulent company. When my wife was charged $350 to continue health coverage under Cobra, she decided to add me and they ended up giving us the bill at $980. After I called them and demanded answers as to where they got such balance, they told me that we would be paying $925. WTF.

    So we demanded what my wife's employer was paying for the both of us and they claimed that it was a confidential information.
    We called the HR and were told that the employer only paid $565 for the both of us (since we still in our early 30s)

    Is there a number or dept that overseas the COBRA. I thought it s a state thing after you get wacked by your employer.
    If you guys are interested in filing for class action against Conexis then let s act on this.

    You are more than welcome to send me emails to

    Conexis did not set your rates, the rates that are given are issued by the employer. While you are working for the company, the company subsidized those benefits. Once employment is terminated, you are responsible for the full premiums of the coverage. All this information should be in your initial election packet, and should not have been a surprise for you once you chose to change the elections. Billing administrators do not set rates, Insurance companies and the employers agree on contracts and defer a portion of the costs to you at a subsidized rate. Billing administrators cannot control the contract you are given, we can only bill what we are advised. If there is an error, then it will be investigated. But 9 times out of 20, the rates are correct. I have seen rates on COBRA for families upward of 1200 a month.

  • Mi
      27th of May, 2010
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    For help call Conexis V.P. Dee Dee at 214-596-7791 She figured out my 'problem' in one day. Do NOT waste your time with the customer service numbers.

  • Su
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    I am currently having the same issue. I have a letter from Conexis dated June 7, 2010 stating my insurance has been canceled as of April 30, 2010 for non payment. Not only have I been paying every month and have the canceled checks to prove it they have now raised my rates from 530.00 t0 730.00 this year. I was told by Bob from their company that they will always pass along any increases at any time during the year even if it is 5 to 6 times a year. I have faxed the canceled check to Conexis that they have not posted to my account from April (they posted May's) and Bob stated they still may not reinstate my insurance. I have to be without medication minumim 3-5 working days. This means I will be without my medication for a week before they MIGHT get this taken care of. There should be something that a person can do. This is the second time I am going through this. The last time I found out they canceled my insurance when I got a letter from Health Net. I never got one from Conexis that go around. I have called University of CA Irvine to see if they can help. My next call is to the CA insurance commissioner.

  • Zz
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    I have problems with them too. I had been paying my premiums on time every month (for 3 months) and they cashed my checks no problem. I started receiving medical bills and statements saying I was not covered and when I call them to inquire about it, i get the usual runaround, people telling me to call my insurance company. I do call my insurance company that I was paying for continuation coverage on and they tell me my previous employer canceled the group plan 2 1/2 months prior and that I am not covered. So i call conexis back and tell them this, they open a file investigation etc. NEVER GOT BACK TO ME. I had to constantly call them, in which they tell me they have not heard anything back from my previous employer so then I track down my previous employer to call them and fix it. So then when that's done, they tell me they will issue a refund for the 3 months I paid and they will call me when it is issued. AGAIN, i call them every week because I hear nothing and then I get in the mail from Conexis that I will be receiving a refund for 1 month of the premiums I paid. I call them up asking which is it, one or 3 months, because if i get reimbursed for 1 month, then those bills i keep getting should be taken care of and if its 3, then they owe me a lot more money than they claim. They take a week and a half then I call them back, they give me another story saying that they don't have my funds, they sent it to my previous employer. They tell me no one has gotten back to them from the company and they don't know when I will receive my refund. I cut a check and mailed it to Conexis and no one else. Conexis cashed it, not my previous employers. They had the nerve to tell me to contact my previous employer to get my money back myself. This is utter BULL****. That's not my responsibility and I should not be doing their job for them. The only consistent thing they tell me is "We will investigate that" "I don't know" and "we will get back to you" (in which they NEVER do) The whole company is full of incompetent people. I just gave them 2 emails, a phone number with 2 contact people because they said "well if you have any contact information to help us, we can submit that". first of all I shouldn't even have to give them the information THEY SHOULD ALREADY HAVE!! SO, I still have not received my refund and we'll see if they "call me back in 2-3 business days" like their supervisor Danielle claims. I highly doubt it and I'm sure I'll be making another angry phone call to their offices once again in 3 days.

  • Mg
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    I was laid off from my job at AT&T and have been on Cobra for my health insurance benefits. Conexis is the insurance company administering the payments. I was receiving these benefits for 6 months and was paid up until June. On July 21 I went to there website and signed up for "Auto Pay". Basically Auto Pay did not work and they cancelled my benefits and I'm do not have health insurance currently. I made an appeal and was rejected instantly. I called customer service and just was treated very rudely.

    My Appeal to them:
    " I am very surprised that my first appeal letter was rejected and must explain this very critical situation better.
    Here are some reasons why I should be reinstated:

    · My account was paid through June 30. There was a 30 day grace period to pay for July.

    · I attempted to pay within the 30 day grace period: July 26 (confirmed by Conexis representatives)

    o I logged into my Conexis Account and provided my ACH information – my bank’s checking account# and routing#.

    o I had available funds in my checking (can verify if necessary)

    o The Conexis system notified me I was setup for Auto Online Bill Pay.

    · Conexis system should not have allowed me to setup Auto Online Bill Pay without paying my outstanding balance if termination was immediate. I had to assume that my funds would be automatically withdrawn.

    o ** Most online systems would prevent setting up an account if the account was going to expire in 4 days! Due to the severity of health benefits and expiration of the account immediately why would somebody setup Auto Bill Pay if they were not planning on continuing? Why wasn’t there a warning? Were the instructions buried somewhere in a Terms and Conditions document? This is not a cell phone bill where the only risk is a nominal late payment fee but still be allowed to continue service.

    · Conexis’ inconsistent notifications – I setup an online account but was never emailed any information about the possible termination of my account. If I chose to correspond online by setting up an account - why wouldn’t I receive online correspondence? I received some information via mail like the termination of my account dated 9 days after I was terminated! (attached) Yet, I was never mailed the terms and conditions of Auto Bill Pay after I setup the account - it was only available online in my account. So, some information was disseminated via mail and some online.

    I hope you can understand the severity of this situation and appreciate the fact that I made every attempt to continue my Cobra benefits and provided access to the funds within the 30 day grace period. I setup Auto Bill Pay to insure payments would be consistently on time. I also hope you realize being mailed a termination notification dated 9 days after the termination date has put me at severe risk; I own a home, what if I got into an accident that hurt somebody? I plan on being employed in the next few months but cannot be without benefits. I am computer savvy and have experience with Auto Bill Payments for other bills. I hope you realize this process could be more user-friendly. Feel free to call me at anytime if you need me to explain."

  • Ta
      5th of Nov, 2010
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    All those who have become victims of Conexis abuses, please contact me ASAP. I have experienced almost the same problem like you with Conexis. They need to be exposed. We need to look into a class action against this company. Please email me at

  • Sm
      11th of Nov, 2010
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    If you wish to contact Conexis executive and managerial staff directly try (214) 492-8700 ‎

    A partial list of employees of Manager level and above including Vice Presidents can be found here

    Call, ask for the person you wish to speak to, be polite and explain your situation. Hopefully this direct approach will remedy your situation.

  • Lb
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    They must get bonused on dropping customers. I paid in advance but at some point my account number was enetered wrong. I processed all my payments online and assumed I would be notified by Email or quickly if there was a problem. Not so. By the time I was notified it was too late. I get the feeling they were high-fiving back at the Conexis office. They were no help on the phone and told me in advance an appeal would be rejected. That is the new American way?

  • Im
      29th of Nov, 2010
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    I agree with the majority of these complaints. It does appear as if CONEXIS does not act with good intent. If they are compensated based upon claims experience (which a number of companies are), then it is in there best interest to show lapsed contracts before becoming exposed to a claim. My situation is that 1) in June I was advised of what my health premium would be after subsidization (federal), 2) CONEXIS was the entity that provided the information and stated how much was due, 3) I paid a total of 4 monthly premiums, 4) however, I asked to be put on Pre-Authorized Check in September and about a month later got a lapse notice effective JUNE 30th. The first from "story" from CONEXIS was that they had done an audit on September 20th and discovered that they should not have been billing me for a SUBSIDIZED amount on my Flexible Spending Account. Instead they should have billed for the full amount of my FSA (since it was not intended to be Federally subsidized) plus subsidized amounts on all of my other coverages. So when they corrected the "amount due" on their system, my coverage lapsed for insufficient total payment. I asked them when they notified me that their bills had been incorrect or that they had incorrectly shown the amount that I would have to pay under the federal subsidy. They stated that they hadn't set me anything abou that. I asked when did they provide an explanation of their errors. They stated they hadn't that they had just sent lapse notices. On November 9th, I talked to someone in their office who thought that what she saw was an error on their part and that she would talk with an account manager and that she would get back to me in 2 hours. When she had not called 2 hours later, I called and spoke to someone else, who told me that the prior rep had set up a case # which I was given but it was still under review. I called back the next day and talked to another person who told me that under any circumstances that I should relax because my coverage had been reinstated and that CONEXIS would get back with me shortly. I asked her to verify by voice, since their phones are recorded that I had "in force" major medical coverage, prescription coverage, dental, vision, etc. She did. Today, I called in and the automated voice response system told me that (once again) the coverage was lapsed effective June 30th. I lost my cool and was transferred to a supervisor. I provided her with the level of respect that had been provided to me up to this point - namely none. I told her that I had the complaint forms for the DOL and the Texas DOI on my screen and that I was going to submit those. She asked for 48 hours to resolve my issues. I asked her why I should trust her. She said that, because she was a supervisor she had direct access to the Account Managers and could work directly with them. She asked if she couldn't have 48 hours to provide an explanation. I said yes. However, I made no promise not to file formal complaint with my company benefits department which hired CONEXIS, the Department of Labor or the Texas Department of Labor. I will post updates here regarding progress with on the part of CONEXIS, my company's VP of HR or the regulatory authorities.

  • Ma
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    Conexis - Cancellation
    United States

    My insurance was cancelled for no reason whatsover. I never received a letter of cancellation, telephone call or email. I tried to log on to my account two days after I made an e-payment only to receive a message that my insurance was cancelled and I no longer have web access. I was trying to reach soemone at Conexis to find out why I had not received the open enrollment information. If I had not done this my husband would have incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills for a scheduled surgery in just days of this happening. My payments are made electronically 2-4 days before the begining of the month. No one at conexis could tell me what happened. When I questioned the customer service person I was told" all we know is that there was an error." Conexies has non existant customer service. I was ale to correct this "ERROR" through my husbands x-employer with NO HELP FROM CONEXIS.

  • Jo
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I just found this page because I was laid off 2 months ago and been dealing with Conexis. I elected to have my son get cobra because I could not afford it for the both of us. They wanted to charge me over $800 for our medical and dental per month. I made a payment of $414 for him, then they decided he (at the grand age of 13) needed his own online account. So they transferred my check payment to his account. I speak with a CSR about this nonsense and she tells me "I don't know why they did it". Now, they have prolonged his benefits elegibility to be sent to Kaiser. My son has serious medical conditions and is disabled. He has been hospitalized on and off since age 7. He is on medications totalling almost $2, 000 per month. The CSRs I've spoken to do not seem to give a crap that he could be hospitalized if he does not have his medication. I will not stand for this! I will be speaking with someone tomorrow, and if this is not resolved to the best benefit for my son, I will be contacting a patient advocacy lawyer. I am SOupset about this. If you want more info, you may contact me at:

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