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ConAgra Foods / popcorn bags can catch on fire

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This web site is being put up after a year of frustration, conversations and general disregard for corporate responsibility. Further motivation was provided when they refused to replace my microwave and offered me $30 as a "goodwill" gesture and threatened me with breach of contract/legal action if I disclosed any of this information to anyone. As you can see below, my microwave was ruined by one of ConAgra Foods, Inc. dba Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Microwave Popcorn bags. It caught on fire, turned the inside of my microwave brown and smoked up my house. It was taken outside immediately, extinguished and then thrown in the garbage. Of course the Claims Management Services Company (Sedgewick CMS), which is on retainer with ConAgra Foods, said that I needed to provide the burnt bag to verify my claim. Needless to say that was not possible. I shared with them all of the pertinent information with them, jumped through hoops, sent the other bags with the box, etc. "Their lab" tested it and it popped wonderfully of course.

Mr. Redenbacher was a genius and built an amazing Company through hard work, dedication, continual improvement and a passion for his popcorn. He was growing his own by the age of 12. I am sure Mr. Redenbacher was a very honorable man during his lifetime. If he was still alive there would be no need for this site. He understood customer service.

My beef is with ConAgra Foods who unfortunately bought the Orville Redenbacher Company in 1983. As usual the corporate giant has lost touch with the very consumers that put the company on the map in the first place. All of this could have all been avoided if they had just replaced my microwave. It would have cost a mere $115 dollars. Now this is being released to the media and I am sure that I am not the only person who has had this experience. Please post a blog about your experience.

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  • Wh
      8th of May, 2014
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    Just had the same problem with the Orville Redenbacher's popcorn bag catching fire. It was a small one, and I looked at the directions for cooking time. I put it in for 1:25 (the maximum cooking time is 1:30), and stayed in the room. I started smelling smoke about 60 seconds later, so I went to the microwave and stopped it. I found that the bag had been burning, and I had to open the patio door to air out the apartment. I opened the bag to see if there was any salvagable popcorn, but there was a big blackened clump of it in the center of the bag. Disappointing...Just glad it didn't get to flames.

  • Fr
      21st of Sep, 2014
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    ConAgra Foods - did not get quantity of product
    frances allen
    331 wilson street
    Camp Hill
    United States

    on sept. 2014 i purchased a box of slim jims from a dollar general store. the box was suppose to carry 4 only had 3 in it apon opening.

  • Wa
      21st of Sep, 2014
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    Maybe that's why it was at the Dollar Store to begin with?

  • Dr
      24th of Jan, 2015
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    Interesting you'VE experienced problem of micro wave with popcorn. We have brand 'Butterkist' in UK. Tried their microwaveable popcorn Instructions say put on high.. I followed this instruction and watched over for the whole 3 1/2 mins. Started popping and bag expanding. The suddenly bag went flat at about 3 mins 20 secs in. Opened it to find inside plastic 'housing' of door melted. Little or no smoke to notice or any discerning smells. I will complain but no doubt will get sme corporate response- and no doubt apologist similar on line hecklers.

  • Ml
      3rd of Apr, 2015
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    I had a box of O.R.'s light buttery (with built in bag) catch fire and smoke up not only the microwave but also my apartment. Even after removing the popcorn bag and dousing it with cold water in the sink, it kept smoldering for more than 6 minutes. I had set the timer to 1 min. and 90 seconds and monitored the microwave the entire time. It was not until I opened the microwave that I saw the smoke and the burned portion of the bag. PEOPLE NEED TO BE WARNED ABOUT THESE BUILT-IN BAG PRODUCTS and O.R. should be class-action sued for providing a product that can not only destroy your microwave in under 2 minutes, but set fire to your kitchen, home etc.

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