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Comfortaire Direct Comfortaire Mattress Reviews / Positive product and company

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I've had the complete opposite experience. My back still hurt very badly after getting one of their beds. I've already purchased another Sealy bed that I've had my first good nights sleep on in the past two months. Comfortaire won't even let me return the bed until the first 30 days are up. It's not like I'm going to change my mind and decide all of the sudden that I want to go back to having my back ache every night. They say you need 30 days for your back to adjust. I say they tell you that so your back has 30 days to think it has adjusted when it is probably causing you irrevocable damage to your body over the long haul. I can't believe anyone would truly fall for this load of garbage long enough to keep the bed. I guess I fell for it for the first week and a half that I had the bed but, not anymore. Oddly enough it only took my back one night to adjust to the Sealy bed I purchased. Now I'm sleeping well again. Save yourself some headaches and stay away from any of the air mattress companies in wolfs clothing.

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  • Es
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There is no support for a comfort air type mattress. If youy are still under 40 you may be flexable for an air mattress but later in life it will be misery trying to sleep on a non supportive type mattress.

  • Ba
      30th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Excellent company, excellent product. After enjoying the Select Comfort mattress in our RV for several years, we finally replaced our traditional top-of-the-line Sealy mattress at home with a Comfortaire Sona model. It cost much less than the competitors' and arrived promptly. It went together fairly easily and we have had excellent sleep ever since.
    Comments about 'only for those under 40' and 'no support' tell me that those people didn't find the right firmness setting to suit them.
    I am 64 and my husband is 70, and our stiff old bodies really appreciate the gentle rest our Sona gives us. My husband has had back surgery and I have almost constant pain from fibromyalgia. It is a blessing that we can adjust the settings as needed to help us both get sleep without painful pressure points.

  • Ju
      9th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have been fighting with comfortaire for almost a year now. The POS matress they sold does nnot hold air and will not even get above 70% full. They refuse to accept any type of return, I een offered them to buy it back at 50% of my original cost. All they want to do is argue with me. My wife has been sleeping in the guest bedroom since we received this mattress and I only get a full nights sleep when I am traveling and sleeping in hotel rooms. This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They had somehow erased all my calls in the database and keep telling me to try the same damn things I already have tried.


  • St
      20th of Aug, 2010
    -3 Votes

    My Comfortaire Mattress is poorly designed. It sinks in the center, takes the shape of a V becasue the sides are not well deisgned to hold the two mattresses together. They will send me new stuff but I can't get my money back. It stinks and the President David Karr Greenville SC is a liar and a thief. The worse kind too! He's gay also! He tried some hanky panky with my son. What a creep!

  • Te
      22nd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a car accident that changed my life. You hear of people that have one and 6 months later you discover you were really injured That was what happened to me. My chiropractor prescribed for me to replace my mattress
    With an air chamber adjustable one.I shopped around and found the best price as well as a company that spent a lot of time answering my many questions and never pressured or rushed me to buy their product.That company was comfort aire and the mattress was the allure and the employee was Debbie.They went beyond what any sales person in any store
    I had visited would to accommodate me and my budget.Did I mention that it cost me $1000.00 less than what "the best price we can give you" was quoted to me in the store I was considering buying a comparable one at? I purchased my comfort aire mattress and enjoyed the ability to adjust it according to what my body felt from the day so as to not have any pressure or pain or the least amount of pain.Then I awoke one morning sore to find the air chamber was not holding air.I called customer service and they listened to what the problem was and had the air compressor replaced within less than a week.Yesterday I noticed the air chamber would not stay full.I did not know if I had been wrong to tell them it was the compressor instead of a leek in the chamber.When I called it made no difference, they (Sandy) was kind helpful and ordered me a new air chamber and was told it would be here in 5 days.This is one of the best companies with the best customer service I have done business with.We are planning on purchasing a comfort airre set for our camper or future motor home .
    My husband is 62 and I am 56 in case that matters.
    I appreciate finding this forum. I enjoy reading about others experience with purchases etc and learning from them.I will continue to read this and update on my experience in the company.I do think that people need to reframe from personal attacks on owners, managers and employees.Just my thoughts.

  • Ho
      26th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I have owned my comfortaire bed for at least 15 years maybe a few more. Seven years ago I took the bed in a divorce and my ex went out and bought the same bed again. I am just now beginning to have problems as one of the pump nipples that the air hose hooks to has broken off. We have been blowing up one side and plugging it up, then blowing up the other side. Definitely getting old. I called to buy a new pump and they offered to pro-rate the cost as part of the warranty but I could not find my receipt or the online company I bought if from. So now after all these years I figure it's time to buy a new bed, and I intend to buy another Comfortaire. I am really disappointed to read the negative comments on the bed and the homophobic completely irrelevant complaints are just embarrassing. I have a bad back and it has been difficult to sleep on any traditional mattress, this mattress has been top notch.

  • Aj
      21st of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I purchased the Sona ComfortAire 6 weeks ago and disappointed with the low density foam in the pillowtop. Regardless of the sleep number setting, each morning my lower back is stiff, and I attribute this to the sagging in the middle directly related to the foam insert. Comfortaire Customer Service told me I should be able to find my sleep number at a comfortable setting within a few days - that is NOT happening. They are offering no help at all, and when I asked for a customer blog to discuss, I was told there is none available. This raised concern - why would Comfortaire not want its customers to talk among themselves?

    Today, I contacted Comfortaire and asked for a high-density memory foam replacement for the pillow top - or reimbusement for a local purchase. I am awaiting their reply. When I spend this much for a mattress I do not feel I am being unreasonable expecting lower back support. This mattress is not delivering.

    If they are uncooperative, I will begin the process to return. To be quite honest, I am disappointed with the product and customer service received to date. While waiting for my Comfortaire bed, I slept on a $100 EuroAir air mattress and slept well without more than adequate lower back support.

    Will post an update - hope it will be satisfactory.

  • Ry
      5th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I started the purchase process on April 18th, 2011 and was told by Donna S. (who by the way was extremely pleasant to talk to and worked late into the night (according to the time stamp on the transaction) to get my order completed) that it would take 10 days to ship out my mattress. They had taken an authorization on my credit card and I thought everything was fine. Then I noticed 8 days later that the authorization was removed from my card (meaning they did not charge me) so I called on day 9 to ask what was going on. I was told (by lady was a tad snippy)that it would take 10 days and that they would charge the card when it shipped.

    It is now day 17 and still no charge on my card. I am now calling Comfortaire's 800 number to see what is going on. I am chatting with Jessica to see why my order stalled, she has pulled up my order and is calling down to the warehouse. Now Jessica has said that it will take a few minutes to get an answer and she will call me back. For now I am leaving my attitude set at "Neutral", but depending on the outcome today will tilt it in either direction

  • Ry
      6th of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Received a call back from Jessica that she spoke to the warehouse and that my mattress would ship out on Friday 5/6/2011. She reminded me that it would take 10 business days to ship (not having checked a calendar to see that it was 12 business days on Thursday May 5th, 2011 before making that statement - and I even gave them a grace on the 25th for Easter) out of the warehouse.

    So now it is 4:15 PM on the east coast and I have yet to see my Credit Card charged for the mattress, or an email telling me that it has shipped. I find this difficult to understand, given that I bought the online special which is supposed to be "Last Year's" model.

    Again this is going to remain neutral until the final outcome. Ryck

  • Ry
      7th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Ok so here I go again... I decided to contact my original contact, Donna S. (I would give her last name but I am not sure if that is legal and I would not Swigar a bet on it) and let her know my plight via email. I can honestly say that she (almost) immediately emailed me back, stating that she was, "sorry for the problems you have encountered with your order." (which is what a customer wants to hear... "I am sorry and I have fixed it!"

    Which is exactly what she relayed back to me... "THANK YOU DONNA!!"

    She let me know that my mattress shipped, gave me a tracking number with Road Runner Transport (I always wondered what they did as I have seen their trucks on the road) and again apologized with sincerity. so I am hoping I do this right because I am not sure how this is supossed to go. Since I am now very happy with my ordering experience due to Donna hand holding me, do I say Agree? Or Disagree.

    For posterity I am going to go with "DISAGREE" that this is a complaint. and I am going to copy this and post it in the... "THEY DID RIGHT BY ME" category..

    Thank you Donna and they should give you an award for GREAT customer service.

  • Ry
      10th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Received a call from Roadrunner that the truck had arrived in Phoenix. Their site shows that my mattress is out for delivery today 5/10/11. Go Roadrunner!!!

  • Ry
      18th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    That's right I am back with an update. So we received the mattress set only to discover that the frame was broken while in transit. Thank you Roadrunner for walking all over it and snapping the reinforcements
    I took pictures of the box with all of the boot prints and the underlying damage and emailed them to Donna and within minutes (I mean minutes as I have the outlook log to prove it) she had emailed me back that she had ordered me a new one. No bickering, no scratching or hair pulling required. I just received notice of the shipping information which has kept me very happy!!!

    Now let's talk about my new bed. We are using our old box spring until replacement box spring shows up so I am only hoping that the experience gets even better.
    It was very easy to move the mattress into the bedroom (harder to move the old one out) and get it set up. Once we unpacked the compressor and remotes and set things up, the fun began! We must have laid on the bed playing with the settings and getting to know the controls for at least an hour until I decided that 47% was my pressure setting.
    My first night's sleep was heaven. I actually got up in the morning without a hair out of place and feeling more refreshed from a night's sleep than ever before. Now that I have been sleeping on it for a week I have slowly adjust the number up to 55%. Still great night's sleep and find I am waking up before the alarm even goes off.

    One area where I did get "Punked" (not by Comfortaire) is by my partner who told me that I would not feel his tossing and turning as much as a normal bed. He is such a "LIAR"!! I still feel it, but then I am more of a light sleeper than he is.

    So my experience so far has been great!!! Again thank you Donna S.

  • Aj
      28th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    129 days later, my Sona Comfortaire mattress is still a great disappointment. The air bladder will inflate to about 80% (I need a firm mattress), but will not maintain a setting. Every few days it has to be manually re-inflated, when it starts to trench in the center.

    Unlike others, I did not have "morning back problems" until AFTER I bought the Sona mattress. Whenever I slept on the mattress, I would wake up with shoulder and lower back pain.

    Last week I gave up and deflated the mattress and moved it to storage, replacing it with an innerspring and 3" foam topper. For the first time since I bought the Sona, I actually had continuous uninterrupted and painless sleep. Also, years ago I bought a $100 Aerobed (queen size air mattress) the sleep quality of this air mattress far surpasses anything Comfortaire has to offer even though it's not intended for regular use. I pull this out whenever guests sleep over and they love it. Sometimes we get so caught up in the latest hype that we don’t realize the best solutions are right before our eyes and we just don’t see them.

    I paid $1, 300 for a full size, single bladder Sona - it was money wasted because I relied on surveys that turned out to be 5 to 10 years old. There are no recent surveys and for this reason, I caution anyone interested in an air mattress with pressure setting controls, to work with a reputable local firm that has at least a 90 day set up/pick up warranty - as the real problems don't start showing up until a couple months after use.

    Others I talked to (on other complaint boards) said the older models of these beds were much better, and the newer ones just don't meet the same standard of quality. When I checked on Craigslist, I found many of these types of beds are being sold for $200 to $1, 000 - most less than a year old. This and the number of comments against Comfortaire compare to those in favor of the product sums it up pretty well.

    BUT, if you still absolutely must have an overpriced number controlled air mattress, maybe starting with Craigslist might be something to consider – less money wasted when you find out that what is advertised is not always what you get.

  • Ch
      5th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Over 15 years ago we purchased our first Comfortaire. Love it! Nine years ago we purchased one for our RV-continue to love it. Four years ago we purchased our third for our winter home. Selling our RV on consignment and had to leave the Comfortaire in it as we didn't have the time to buy a cheap mattress to replace it. Purchasing park model to be placed in RV park and will purchase our fourth Comfortaire mattress. We have not had any problems with all the Comfortaire units we have acquired. Will never go back to conventional mattress

  • We
      13th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I bought three beds from Comfortaire. We replaced the one we bought 12 years ago with a Bella, which seems to be fine. I also bought two comfort twins, which are terrible. They have 12 inches of brick hard foam around the circumference leaving only a small area of adjustable mattress. Within one day I knew I wasn't going to keep them. I called today to send them back and was told I couldn't send them back for 30 days. So they will sit in boxes taking up space for thirty days at my house? I think this is a terrible practice. If I had read this message board before I bought these beds, I would have gone elsewhere. I also am not a fan of their 888 number either. I pressed the warranty number and was put on hold for 15 minutes being told, you are number two in line and then you are number five in line. So I called their Greenville number and paid for my call, which is fine.

  • Ji
      22nd of Feb, 2012
    +2 Votes

    We purchased a Bella model air bladder mattress 2 years ago. It is absolutely the best mattress we have owned in forty years. The king sized mattress sits on a wooden foundation and gives my 325 pound body a great night's sleep at an 82 setting. My wife's setting is 64 for her 150 pounds. She loves it, also. Our previous inner spring and foam mattresses broke down over time and never satisfied my wife, as I needed a firm mattress. She finally has her soft mattress and I have my firm mattress. By the way, Debbie was our online contact person and was very helpful as well as professional.

  • De
      28th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    After reading a number of complaints regarding the foam topping on the Sona model, I just phoned Comfort Aire, where I placed an order a bit earlier, and discussed my need for soft comfort next to my hips. Patty was as kind as could be and is now investigating replacing the foam that comes in the Sona with Memory Foam, which is softer, to see if they would charge for the upgrade or not. Since the one I've been using for 16 years never bothered me, and this mattress is upgraded from their original designs, she felt it was unecessary to pay extra if there would be a charge. I said earlier that every one of the staff has always treated me with courtesy and compassion, and I sort of wonder at the complainers if we are talking about the same company!

  • Ks
      3rd of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    My husband and I ordered the Imperial with gel cooling foam etc etc. last month. Just the mattress, no foundation as we purchased a new platform bed for it, having never had a King before. I could go into my long story about how we've changed innerspring mattresses 5 times over the past 7 years due to all of them getting body impressions that killed our backs, but I'll spare you the details. We are in our late 30s now and were looking for a more longterm solution even if we had to pay a bit more. Patty in Comfortaire phone sales was very helpful and told us we could ship it back for free if we didn't like it. After reading tons of reviews all over the web for all kinds of mattresses, and growing a large distaste for the sleep number store staff in the mall, we figured we had little to lose by choosing Comfortaire, which according to Sleep Like the Dead has the highest satisfaction rate. What an enormous disappointment and waste of money. I can't lie on it for more than 10 minutes at ANY number. It's hard as a rock, unless you deflate it most of the way and then it's like a hammock, with no support whatsoever, and hurts my back as much or worse than a body-impressioned innerspring mattress. I can't imagine the cheapness of the foam that makes up the topper, it is horrible and not cushiony at all. This bed does NOT compare to a Sleep Number m7, which we originally wanted to buy but refused to pay their prices, were leery of their return policy, and can't stand their smug sales people. My husband has tolerated the Imperial for the requisite 30 days, but says it got worse for him and he's had to sleep with it on 75 (full air). For the last month I've rotated sleeping in the guest room (on our previous innerspring, which I hate), squeezing with my preschool daughter in her twin bed, or on the couch all month. How utterly infuriating. I now have to take meds for insomnia and the lack of sleep is affecting my job . I super hate this mattress and this company for charging us even ten dollars for such a thoughtlessly designed product. Our 30 days is up this weekend, I will call Monday to get my RA number and send it back. Beware, their website states that "dropping the mattress off at a Fed-Ex is your responsibility" and that BTW if the mattress arrives in less than perfect condition (after you, say, loaded it on the top of your car or rolled it to FEd Ex on a skateboard) you may not qualify for a full refund. How ridiculous is that. As this model mattress came fully assembled, we will put it right back in its box and get Fed-Ex to pick it up at our house, which I'll probably have to pay for but should outweigh Comfortaire's delightful damage prorations. And then what will we buy? I seriously have no idea and am even more frustrated by mattress companies than ever before, which I never thought possible.

  • Je
      18th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    After years sleeping on a Select comfort, my advice is investigate a new Air mattress called Innomax. I looked at all the Air mattresses in the USA and I came upon this video or Youtube. This guy is great! His name is John. He described all differences between Select comfort and Comfortaire. The Innomax is by far the best constructed, best warranty and MUCH lower price. I'm still on my 30 day trail but so far it's more that I could expect for the price. Warning, Innomax as a company doesn't offer a 30 day trial period but If you purchase from John, his company does. Free of charge

  • Tr
      8th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    My wife and I purchased our queen double chamber "Optima" four weeks ago. For the last four years we have had to sleep in separate beds due to the fact that my wife prefers a very soft bed due to back an rotator cuff surgeries, and I need the support of a firm mattress. I purchased a memory foam mattress a few years back and was quite satisfied with the bed however this did not work at all for my wife. We went to the local "other air bed" store to basically investigate the sleep number technology. I spent a month reading reviews, manufacturers wed sites and comparing return policies and "comfort guarantees". The majority of companies all require that you sleep on the bed for a minimum period of time before a return or exchange will be allowed, Comfortaire is no exception. This was the same for the conventional mattress stores as well. Keep in mind, most mattress stores ONLY allow trade ins, not refunds.The deciding factor for me was Comfortaire rating on Their price was lower, shipping free and return policy very clear and straight forward. I called and purchased my unit from Debbie. I wanted to confirm that if I ordered the bed, it would arrive by Christmas. (two weeks away). Debbie put me on hold why she called the warehouse to check stock. She informed me that although she could not promise that it would arrive in time, it would ship within two days. My bed arrived in nine days, three before Christmas. It took me 1 hour to set it up. The system is simple, extremely durable and the components all seem to be of decent quality. To further quiet the pump, which is really not that loud, I wrapped it in a blanket. Rocket science! Incidentally, my pump only runs when I make adjustments. I have never heard it have to compensate on its own. Bottom line, my wife and I have both slept great every night since. My wife is a 17 and I am a 41 setting. When I want to sit up and read, I am a "Full Fill 75". Weekend mornings, I drop down to 20 or so and sink in. This bed has been good for my body, my mind and my marriage!! I cannot attest to having to deal with a return as I have no intention of doing so. We love this bed

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