College Pro Painters / Incomplete, damages, and bad management

River Heights area, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Very unsatisfied services and management received from College-Pro Painting and Evgene Gotfrid Enterprises (franchise owner). The exterior painting of my two-stories home was not completed as per discussed and contracted. On top of that, damages were done to my property (paint on windows, floors; bend eaves; garbage and uncleanliness left behind; broken glass pane; etc...). Let's not forget that my privacy was not recognized and understood. The promised made by them during the verbal discussions held before the estimate and during the contract discussion were not delivered. Their "inexperience", bad management, questionable services, etc... were shown at many occasions and documented via emails -- at the end, I understood that the verbal was not to be relevant to them. The services and management of College-Pro Painting and Evgene Gotfrid Enterprises (franchise owner) are not recommended as this customer was very unsatisfied and disappointed to have believed them. [August 2014]

Sep 24, 2014

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