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College Pro Painters / Terrible Experience across the board

1 United States

we hired college pro painters to paint the trim on our house this summer at a cost of $3400. i will never recommend this company.

here are a few bullets about my experience:

- poor quality
> the paint was applied with lousy finger rollers and brushes - glopped on the soffits unevenly
> there were between 25-50 'holidays' that i had to point out multiple times
- little/no masking
> there were big roller marks on the siding & many drips on the porch - the most basic tenet of painting is keeping the workspace clean!
- terrible cleanup
> they spun their brushes next to the house, leaving white paint on my siding - never cleaned it
> they spun their brushes next to our Adirondack chair, leaving white paint on the chair - never cleaned it
> 2 weeks after the manager is gone, their safety anchor remains nailed to my roof and i have no idea when he intends to come get it (though i asked him to)
- no follow-through
> the manager was almost never at my house when he committed to be.
> at the conclusion of the job, i agreed to give the manager a high rating on quality based on his commitment that he'd come back within a week to clean up my porch. with no call within a week, i called him and told him to forget it...and forget any hopes of high satisfaction.
- unprofessional workers
> the first day, two workers showed up before the manager and asked me what they were supposed to be doing
> my wife overheard the workers talking about porn -- and she heard them from inside the house. look, i'm far from perfect, but you have to be cognizant of your surroundings in a service environment.

after the job, the franchise owner actually reminded me that theirs was a service-industry and tipping was okay. are you kidding me?

i will say two things: one, the manager was a nice guy. i liked him. i wanted him to succeed. i still do. two, he put on more coats of paint than we'd agreed, which was above his call of duty.

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