Cold Stone Creamery / Kahala Franchisingservice and sanitation

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I went into the cold stone on Carl t jones in Huntsville al. I asked for a cotton candy in like it for my son. I had to repeat myself 3 times and still didn't get served while they pried a container of ice cream out of the cold case because their ice cream was melting apparently. They used an ice cream scoop to pry it out and continued to use the same ice cream scoop to serve out the ice cream. They didn't even want to produce my order until my husband came out of the bathroom and came up to the counter. The girl that finally decided to serve us had blood shot eyes and was pretty unprofessional. Didn't even offer to make the experience right. Even had the gall to ask for a tip. I have come to this same cold stone for the last 9years and have never had to walk out without my ice cream because of the service.

May 18, 2017
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