Cold Stone Creamery / Kahala Franchising / I wanted a mix In product

I went to the cold stone location in Howard beach 157-14 crossbay blvd at about 10:45pm Saturday night 3.18.17 and they was closing the doors I asked the girl if she minded to take my order and told her I would give her a good tip. She said she didn't care about the tip and allowed me in the store, u asked for a cake batter mix in and she refused to do it. I asked for cake pieces she said they had none so I received just the cake batter ice cream with two Reeses in top and that was it. I live in Jamaica queens and go there and to the one in Lynnbrook which is a great store. This as one of the worst experiences ever. She was nasty and took my money and closed the door back. Nothing satisfying about that. For the service i got i could have went to basking ribbons or carvel. We like the mix in affect so we come to milestones for that reason. That was a waste of money.

Cold Stone Creamery / Kahala Franchising

Mar 20, 2017

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