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I am so pissed about losing my points! I had 1400+ points and due to inactivity for 90 days, I lost them all! I spent a long time building those points up and drinking a LOT of Coke products, A LOT! Just because I was dealing with the death of my Mom, surgery for myself and the Christmas holidays, I get punished and lose all my due points? This really is NOT fair! What difference does it make to Coke Cola that I was not on the internet for pleasure for 90 days? Will it really kill Coke Cola that I could have maybe gotten a tee shirt with my points? This really gives Coke Cola a bad name and now has me really rethinking Pepsi. I was doing so good at collecting my codes and then Coke just takes them away due to my painful and exhausting months! I know I got an email from Coke about my rewards expiring, but due to my circumstances, I read it 3 days too late. I can understand a year of inactivity, but 90 days? Come on!!!

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  • Br
      29th of Dec, 2016

    To start with it is pure Stupid that the Coke Rewards expire within 90 days of purchase. When you buy cases on sale, you can't drink all of the cokes in 90 days and why would there be an expiration date anyway. If the Customer bought the products then there should not be an expiration date.

    Also, the codes on the inside of the 12 packs are very lightly printed and they fade. Another thing is, it is difficult to figure out some of the letters such as is it a v or an u etc. I don't think that they really want you to be able to redeem the codes. They just want you to buy more product and as far as I am concern, they can take their rewards and cram them where the sun don't shine. I have bought my last coke product.

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  • Pa
      27th of Mar, 2017

    Yes, my son and I both lost about a 1000 points because we didn't put any codes in for 90 days. Why should that matter? It's not like we stopped drinking soda. We have a 24 pack box just for collecting caps and the carton codes. My son kind of gave up on the program after he redeemed points for a $20 Gamestop ecard that he never got. Mom jumps to the rescue. While we never got the gamestop reward, I opened up an account so I could enter codes. Then I realized that doing it on my small tablet was too difficult. I had to toggle between the letters and numbers and would make alot of errors. I had to drag out my old heavy laptop that needed to be plugged in because the battery is old. That's why I got a tablet in the first place. So I didn't get to entering codes very often. They expired once and were returned. I went in to enter codes when I found out the program was ending and our points were gone again! This time they said they couldn't return them. I have been on their email since they returned our points the last time, and I never got an email saying my points were expiring, or that it had been x amt of days since I entered codes. My son is in college and his off time is rare. I am busy taking care of two elderly moms and my husband and son. One mom died in February. Now I'm executor too. I also have SAD, so I don't function real well for six months at a time. Well I should cut down on soda anyway. If I drink the cheap stuff, it is so lousy I don't want soda at all. Best solution.

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