Coinbaseunauthorized credit card usage fraud

D Nov 21, 2017

My email [protected] I am writing you because I am not familiar with Coinbase. In the last few months there has been Idenitity fraud using my name, address, phone number, bank account, checking account etc. Someone has gone in an set up an account with Paypal credit in my name which was cancelled because of fraud and I had know idea this had gone on. They also made purchases and charged them on My Chase Account & Checking Account. All of my accounts have been changed along with my phone number. I am afraid they have now frauded your company. I have know idea who they are. I reported this to our Police Dept and they made a report in my name. You may Contact Officer Cornell at Beloit Police Dept. She works at 3pm Wisconsin time in the afternoon. The none emergency number is [protected]. She also knows about Fraud with Paypal & Chase Bank unauthorized charges by these people who stoled my identity. Officer Cornell said this is a International Fraud and I now have to report to FBI. I am sorry for any inconvience. Please e-mail me with your direct number if you liked to talk to me the real Deborah A Cruse. Please clear any related changes from my name for fraud, Sincerely Deborah A Cruse Beloit, Wisconsin.

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