Coinbasecoinbase after many requests => unlock my account!!!

R Sep 13, 2017 Review updated:

Being a "newbie", I questioned a transaction on my CB account.
Instead of getting help, my account was and is locked..
STILL. After numerous requests via "support", emails... answering THEIR requests for more info


SEP 09, 2017 | 08:42PM PDT
Austin replied:


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have put a hold on your account’s ability to login for the time being until you are certain that your account is secure. No new outgoing transactions will be possible while the account is disabled. We have a few questions that will help us begin isolating the incident.

We must complete a security review before we will be able to unlock your account, so please answer these questions to the best of your ability, even if you think you have resolved your concern:

1) When was your last successful login and authorized action on your account?

2) Please list any actions that were not authorized by you, including the amount and timing of any transactions.

3) Do you have any information on how your passwords, email, and/or 2-factor codes were compromised in this attack?

4) Is there any additional information you can provide to help us understand the attack?

As a security precaution, please immediately take steps to secure your e-mail password, and enable 2-factor on your e-mail if possible. Please also reset your Coinbase password using the following link:

Additional information on setting a strong password can be found here:

Thank you for your help answering these questions above, I look forward to hearing back from you. We strive to investigate all security reports within 5 business days, some cases may require additional time for investigation due to the sensitive nature of irrevocable digital currencies.

Please note, we are experiencing tremendous support volume that may delay response times, please only send one email response for fastest response times. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


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