Cognizant Technology Solutionsmanagers and harassment of female associates!!!

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Cognizant is a cool company to work with.However most of the projects here are ruined by poor management.To get a better rating, to avail an emergency leave or even to get a release from the project you have to be in the good books of your manager. I feel sorry about my previous organization that despite this good infrastructure and technology diversity in the projects, the biased management never helps the deserved.

My manager used to suggest me that I should be customer supportive and used to praise me when he finds me working late in the support project, .But when there was a rating discussion and when I questioned about my unexpected appraisal..he blatantly told that he doubted my competency and that might be the reason why I am working late.He also shouts at ladies whenever we approach him with an issue.

And the worst thing he does is making PAs do his excel sheets and also exchanging his passwords with them, so that once he leaves PA will attend the call on him behalf.

I was working for an insurance project T*****. The management and their management tactics will surely have a bad impact on the organization as time flies by.
Also the approach to lady employees, especially if you are smart enough to stand up for your rights, believe me is at the heights of atrocity.

The management issues can be attributed to the following reasons:-

1. Managers who are technology illiterate and find themselves incompetent to the juniors who are well versed in technology.

2. Taking things personally and not professionally. 5 out 6 managers whom I worked with in Chennai used to take things very personally. Say if a resource requires additional help, training to make him competent for a role, ultimately that becomes the duty of the team lead to give yhe resource training in spite of doing his own work.

3.Most of the managers in Chennai do not have the guts to add the resource in cc when sending mails to clients...Whether u donyour work or your managers work, needless to say all credits goes to your manager!!!

4. The projects needs more architects and less non technical managers and only by this way we can channel the employee efforts in finding out more CSIs.

5. I used to work for a manager who had no value for his resources who were creame of creame...He literally lamented when each one of us left the project...

For the love of that Organization I humbly request the CEO educate the managers, some basic office etiquettes, technology awareness and all thoses which can lead to the betterment of the organization! !!

Feb 29, 2016
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