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Cognizant / Poor service!

1 India Review updated:

Mr. Reguraman Deivasigamani is not at all good in his technical skills. He don't knwo anything. He lies. He tells he has some 12 years of software experience but when you talk with him you will come to know that he do not know anything.
In his whole so called 12 years of exp he has worked only 4 months at onsite. Even he cant talk properly in technical language. No professionalism.

What else to say man... I am feeling bad because, I don't have anything to learn from him. Usually people learn from their seniors but here no chance...

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      15th of Oct, 2007
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    Yes, it's 100% correct. He got a very good person in his team as his coordinate at offshore who was having long and exclusively IT exp and the assignment was given to his subordinate to take care of complete tech and project management. That direction came from the BLR Director of testing services. But from day 1 to last day of that employee harassed like hell and that guy was so patient and got transfered to other CTS location. He did very good job during his tenure in this project and completely managed the project as a shadow manager. Even onsite folks were very careful when they are interacting with the subordinate. But this manager as usual harassed that guy from day one and damaged his image and character assassination. Due to that subordinate professional approach, he didn't complained to anybody and got transfered to other CTS locations. Even he didn't discussed to that guy, after the subordinate left the other location, he made his rating for his appraisal as EM (third rating). To give one example about this Deivasigamani, he rated as very poor management, leadership quality and lack of tech skills. But he rated his subordinate as third ranking. Deivasigamani called his jallras, and like kiran at onsite a pa seeking support for promotion. Imagine how this Orbitz manager behavior. The present Testing director knows everything, but due to his golden heart, he gave lot of golden opportunity to survive him in the same project.

    Deivasigamani suggest promotion list only for his jallras, those who are supplying multimedia cd (film, songs). Even one his jallra also posted complaint against him, that was really surprising.

  • Co
      19th of Oct, 2007
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    Hey Cognizant Management Team Please Look into this....

    This is to add few points about Reguraman Deivasigamani's technical skills. Let him ### about his 12 years of IT experience. If he really has that much experience. Why the bloody hell he is in almost all the testing forums and asking basic questions to the real experts about testing? You people may wonder what I'm talking about. I will add some details about his questions in testing forums for your information. Basically he doesn't know anything technical other than just treating people badly, just because he didn't get any promotion in his career. When companies are firing people for non performance how the management of Cognizant is still retaining people like Deivasigamani without firing him?

    Just because he didn't get any promotion, he never gives promotions or good ratings and hikes to any of his well performing team members unless until they fight with him and escalate to higher management, this is really the very sad part. If the Cognizant Management still ignore this feedback about this useless Manager, people are going to leave the good company and it is really a big loss for the company.

    As I promised a few basic questions that Deivasigamani asking in forums and the links FYI.

    Hi friend,

    Pls explain what is high level design document and low level documents in the software development life cycle with suitable examples.

    Thanks, Deivasigamani

    I would like to know the following.

    1) What is software testing methodologies? What are all the different types?

    2) What is software testing process?

    3) What is the difference between the software testing methodologies and software testing process?

    4) Block box and white box will come under software testing types of testing methodologies?


    A person who doesn't know these basic things is a Manager for Testing Services in Cognizant Technology Solutions. God Bless You Cognizant.

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      23rd of Oct, 2007
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    Hi Guys,
    Doesn't even speak English well. One is forced learn and converse in Tamil to make him understand the basic processes in testing practice. I would also challenge him to publish the list of papers on testing that he may have presented to any conference. I'm extremely confident that the answer will be NIL.

    Cognizant should wake up to the reality of many such managers in its Bangalore office. Also, it should promote and nurture genius managers like Stan Iyer or K Prabhakaran or Kaleeswaran Ganapathy to checkmate the menace of 'D=Don Dieva'.

  • Sh
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    I totally agree with these points, this guy don know anything the sad truth is he don even know ENGLISH. He did only post master job in CTS. he will simply forward mails and if he want to send anything of his own, then his jalras will do that for him and in his system itself. During appraisal this guy didnt know what comment he shud add and for that he got help from one of his jalras!!!Extreme comedy is the mail he sent one day and the subject is SUPER IMPORTANT...we heard of very important...what the hell is SUPER IMPORTANT????Only god and he knows the meaning...Guys he never had 12 yrs software experience, he came into CTS and was doing the role of Elizabeth...its really good time for orbitz and bad time for the asociates in his new company...Please join with me to prayer for that poor company and associates...

  • Fi
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    I joined CTS in chennai for training.
    We batch 261 were placed in some baba aashram remote area like semi jungle.

    No decent facilities.
    That to one day electricity went off.
    It was end of patience and guys did lot of shouting.

    Next day cognizant HR called few guys among us randomly.
    he said…..
    what do u think abt urself.. i have got contacts and can do whatever i want to u
    even Chandra cant do anything about it…

    and at last he said…. If I r a p e any girl…no one can touch me

    Such a slang language
    better understood what this company really is…

  • De
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Hi Guys,
    Where did our Deiva disappear after he left CTS? Does anyone know his where abouts?


  • Po
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    hi guys
    since ther was a mention about training, i would like to know when will i be called for trainnin...i was selected in campus 2007 july...frm chennai...since u ppl are wrkin ther probably you might hav a hint..anybody..???

  • Ki
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    Reguraman Deivasigamani is a working as a delivery manager with Wipro - Goodluck wipro!!!

    check linkedin

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