Coca Colamy coke rewards

I am sad and upset regarding mycokerewards. I have been entering codes for many many years and using points, but wanted to try to get it high to see what I could get at that level. Well, I am ready to use my points after spending years buying Coke products and now I can't use them. The reason, some "person" came up with a way to block us customers, STATUS. I, and others who have high points should have been grandfathered into the supposedly status categories that are needed now ro ise the points, which is not fair. No email, no notice stating to spend your points because in January 2015 you won't be able to due to this "status". This whole change is "shady" in my opinion, take their/customers money for years then block them out from using their points. I want my rewards, and not worry about "status", since my points were there before it started. Someone please help, I just want what I worked hard for for years.

Mar 03, 2016

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