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R Nov 15, 2017

On 15/11/17 at about 7pm, I opened a 1.5litre bottle of Coke Zero I purchased from New World Newlands on 14/11/17. I poured a full glass of coke. My daughter said to me that there was a piece of hair in the glass and sure enough floating on the top was a piece of black hair about 2 inches long. I took a photo before tipping the bottle down the sink and the contents in the glass. Details on the bottle as follows:
Just below lip of bottle: 801
Exp: 20/03/18
K7264 3 02:55
Desirable Resolution - that I never see another hair in a bottle of Coke Zero. I wasted a whole 1.5 litre bottle as I didn't want to drink it after that and tipped it out. I don't need a refund, just an assurance that there is some sort of hygiene procedures in place during the factory processing of the product. I love Coke Zero and will continue to purchase it however it best you are informed of the circumstances so it doesn't happen again.

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