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Sarasota, FL, United States Review updated:

This complaint does not fall into one category but many. Our primary concern is that the sales representatives misrepresented incentives to join.
Our first and most important complaint is that we purchased this item under the impression that we would receive several incentives and one major annual credit. I would like to describe each incentive in detail and then our issue with the annual discount. But in case consumer's reading this do not make it through this entire post they should know one thing: WE DID NOT RECEIVE OUR PACKAGE UNTIL 6 WEEKS AFTER PURCHASE, AFTER 30 DAY GRACE PERIOD. WE HAD TO CALL TO REQUEST OUR INCENTIVE DETAILS AND ENTIRE VACATION PACKAGE. prior to receiving our package we only had online access to inventory- nothing else. no fine print to read. no way to know what we were in for.
1) We were told we would receive 2, 200 dollars in airfare and accommodations to the destination of our choice. When we called to ask about how to utilize this incentive we were told to talk to "the people in the bahamas where you bought your package". These "people in the Bahamas" do not have publicly available contact info, do not answer when called and do not, in any case, call you back. How are we supposed to collect on an incentive when we can not get ahold of anyone to discuss this? They never intended to give us a cent.

2)We were told that we could receive two flight passes to Hawaii within the first two years of membership for FREE. When we received our package we read the fine print to find that we would need to spend 3500 dollars over the course of 14 days on hotel/resort stays in order to get our "FREE" flights. 249 dollars a night- far higher than any of their resort deals approach. You must send a refundable deposit in order to have your request processed and will only receive your refund once you complete your travels.

3) The free resort week requires a 125 dollar per person reservation service fee. That's nearly the price of their normal short term resort week (250-300 typically). So your getting nothing FREE. maybe you save 20 bucks. maybe. NOT A DEAL. NOT FREE. NOT WHAT WE WERE TOLD.

4) Hotel Access pass for discounts on hotels is only on the highest rate, and only for certain months. Basically you could find the same discounts by calling the hotel and asking for their lowest rate.

5)Cruises.. well I don't even like them.. but they are offered as 39.95 a night per person and then when you read the fine print (which again we couldn't for 6 weeks) it tells you that the 40 dollars is ON TOP OF a 2 night charge of 80-100 dollars a person. SOME DEAL!

There are more let downs, but those are the top FIVE..Basically everything offered as an incentive for signing up is not what it was presented to be.

These incentives were important in our decision to sign up with Coast to Coast in January. But there was another membership discount that convinced us to sign up: 500 dollars towards airfare each year.
Sounds great.
But of COURSE the fine print is there to ruin the day--- I'll just quote it, because I wanna get it just right.
"For a base fare between 200 and 299, the card is valid for a maximum of 25 dollars. for airfare between 300 and 399 the card is valid for a maximum rebate of 50 dollars, for airfare of 400-499 dollars the card is valid for a maximum of 75 dollars, for airfare of 500 dollars or more the card is valid for a maxiumum of 100 dollars."

So at the very least you have to book 5 flights a year to get the refund! The flights have to be booked through grand incentives and I would BET that they are getting a kick back equivalent if not even on top of the refund of 25, 50, 75 or 100 dollars they are hoping not to give you (you have to mail in your ticket stubs? what year is this...?)We have tried to discuss this with the so called "quality assurance" and "customer service" departments in Florida. Time and again we are transferred, disconnected, hung-up on, promised a return call, etc. No one ever calls back.

First we would like the fraud to STOP. We would like for the Bahamas branch to be shut down.

Second we would like a FULL refund of our 12, 000 dollar membership fees. We do not wish to do further business with such a sloppy and irresponsible company who lies.

We are in the process of disputing the charges through our credit card companies. We intend to contact the companies that do business with coast to coast, direct or indirect, and inform them of the scam they are supporting. We do not plan to be quiet until this issue is resolved.

Mar 28, 2013
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      Jun 07, 2013

    Last year, Mark Biondi told me that if I paid a one time fee or $398.00 or something I don't remember the exact amount... Anyway I was told we would never have to pay maintenance again. Now I am getting phone calls that if I pay another two years blah blah... I am not happy.. He flat out lied to me...

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