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The comments of Van Jones last night after the Donald Trump victory were extremely OFFENSIVE!!! He call this a "white last"!!! Totally an-aceptable comments coming from a black man. He has been openly biased against Donald Trump- and that is his right. To come on National TV after such a hard fought campaign and make these comments is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is not the way toward UNITY in this country, Van Jones should be seriously "talked to" make more appropriate comments on national TV!!! If he is unable to do this- he should be immediately suspended- and terminated if he continues. He is a black man and is entitled to his opinions with regard to the whites- but this comment is "over the line" and has no place on a network like CNN!!! CNN has a lot of re-building to do since they were OPENLY and obviously favoring Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. Their viewing content for the last 6 months has been nothing but an "open attack" on Donald Trump. This is not what I expect from a NEWS station!!! I expect no bias- and I would expect that many of the viewers think and feel the same way. CNN is a fine station and their organization has many talented commentators. Van Jones is talented- but he has the wrong ATTITUTE for a national TV station.

Thanks for listening> My name is John T. Georgiana and I reside in Missouri.

Nov 09, 2016
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  • Ha
      May 02, 2017

    Donald Trump is a ###ing joke, as are you for supporting him.

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