CMH Head Office South AfricaBad Attitude

Its sad to still notice that this day and age a big brand like CMH were client service is paramount, rotten apples are still surviving in such an environment. When last i wanted spares i got them through [protected], today when i followed up using same address, it bounced backed meaning there was not continuity plan to cater for such clients like us. I then called [protected] to which a deserved front line people's person answered, her name being Natalie, she wasnt static, thought outside the box on how she could assist, she then transfered me to Bernie, thats when everything went South. I explained my dilemna on how all i had was e mail address and had to ask if she could help, all her responses where not intended on helping .I even asked her all I need in a part for my Land Cruiser, point me in the right, she started screaming in my ear and upon asking her to transfer me to someone who could help and wanted to help, she dropped the call on me. I then called again spoke to a wonderful Natalie again and I still wonder these 2 people work for the same company. She then transfered me to Glennis to whom I compained and her response sounded like egg on my face and lip service.

Jul 10, 2013

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