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On the 21st of July 2016 my father and hi wife purchased a car from your premise. What has happened since that purchase has angered me to the core. My father is 65 years old and has very early stages of dementia. His speak is not perfect but he is still as sharp as nails. The salesman by the name of Lee Stolz must have seen this as an opportunity to make a quick buck. My father exchanged his Suzuki, in perfect condition, for a car that has caused them nothing but pain and troubles. As you read this keep in mind my parents are pensioners with a very basic "salary" coming in monthly and they live very frugally.
As previously stated my father is ill, so he and my stepmother are caravanning through South Africa to enjoy and treasure his good years he has left. They were not actively shopping for a vehicle but when popping into CMH Nissan Hillcrest Lee Stolz convinced them that this was a deal of a lifetime. Having a caravan in tow it seemed like a good idea. They move from place to place once every 4 months so the wear and tear on a vehicle is minimal. They made the exchange and were told that the full-service record and spare keys would be mailed to them and this never happened...
And so the nightmare begins:
700km in they found out that the car would not start due battery problems. They checked the battery and there was no faulty wiring etc. They were told that our alternator was faulty only pushed out 13v instead of 14v. On their way from Durban to the Wild Coast, they found that they were using a lot of water. When reaching Myers in Umtata they informed us that our water pump had packed up cost R9500 less R3000. After 700km this is disgusting. NO CAR SECOND HAND OR NOT SHOULD GIVE SUCH PROBLEMS AFTER LEAVING A SALES FLOOR WITH 700KM ON THE CLOCK.
This took two months to fix due to having to find the part. As my father had not seen my family, his daughter, from Switzerland in some time and had never seen his grandson, 5months old, he came down to Cape Town in December for a holiday. He left his caravan in PE. This is where the fun begins...
On arrival in Cape Town the clutch gave in, there was only 4000km on the clock since purchase date, putting the car at 154 000km. The car was also purchased with a G2, meaning ALL of this should have been in perfect working order. As I previously stated my father is not only a pensioner but also ill, the car was checked in at Kessel Motors Wynberg they showed us the clutch and it was worn away beyond repair. The cost R35000 less R3000. The cable to select gears frayed and bent cost R600.
Please explain to me how this car even got onto your showroom floor to be sold?? We have called and Lee tells us it is not his problem, no help advice offered or given. You should be utterly ashamed of the way you have taken complete advantage of an elderly man!!! I am disappointed and disgusted in your service beyond belief.
I am now giving you the chance to contact myself or my step mother to rectify this problem or explain your actions to me before I take this matter further. Please be assured that I shall not rest until something is done. My father not only does not have the money to deal with this issue but the stress alone is not good for an elderly ill man.
I shall await your response.

Mar 01, 2017

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