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Club Penguin / Took £100 for no membership & offer £11.85 refund after 2 yrs trying to cancel

1 United States

I am writing to you as I have exhausted my complaint with your Brighton office.

They should have all the information on their records to confirm.

I am a single mum running my own business as well as two other teaching jobs, so free time to sort out problems is at a premium... I took out a month membership in July 2009 for my daughter. I thought I was careful to check that it was one month only, but it was in fact a continuous payment – it took a while to spot, as this bank account was not used often.

I realised in Feb 2010, that this £3.95 was still coming out every month ( two were taken in the July ‘09 instead of one also). So I telephoned your customer services and was asked several questions to find my account to cancel it – they had problems finding it (as my credit card had been renewed and the number was different????) – I made them aware that I was not wanting to continue the membership and required it to be cancelled. I was assured that it would be investigated and sorted. It was also confirmed that the membership had not had any activity since July 2009 – which shows I had been under the impression it was a singular month not continuous membership.

I checked my statements and still the £3.95 was coming out every month – I have had to spend hours being put on hold and told that they were sorting it out – but still the payments were coming out of the account. I sent several emails with great detail on bank details, email account etc. But still the payments came out every month.

All the while, i am being assured that the payments will be refunded once it is sorted as it went from my 1st date of contact (Feb 2010).

Brighton finally find and cancel my account in June 2010 and offered me £11.85 (3 months payments March April May 2011) as a refund. I have had over £100 taken since 2009 and have been chasing you regularly since Feb 2010 to cancel my membership – I feel that because I have never made a scene and always allowed you to try to sort it out – I have been taken for a ride and am now financially worse off. I was not expecting to receive a refund for the July ’09 – Feb ‘10 – as I had not noticed the payments until then – but I do feel that from when I called you Feb 2010 – and made you aware that I did not want to continue and requested cancellation – that I should receive a refund from then.

I was really angry today when I was told of the £11.85 refund and that ‘suddenly’ there is no record of my phone contacts in Feb 2010 when it was discussed with them many times before and never questioned.

I never complain – but I really feel that the team at Brighton are covering backs and are not interested in customer care in the slightest. I felt that they were very condescending to me and basically told me I was lucky to get the £11.85 as they never usually give any refunds.

Please could you look at my case, as I really feel I have been led a merry dance and would like to have the correct refund given from when I first made you aware I did not want to continue – Feb 2010.


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