Cleary Building Corp. / Poor service, no coffee, long lines while workers outside smoking..

Thornville, OH, United States

Dear Circle K,
I often drive through Thornville Ohio for construction jobs in the area, and I stop by this particular Circle K quite often. The last several times I've stopped in, there's always long lines, and at the same time there's always 2-3 workers sitting outside smoking cigarettes, WITH THE MANAGER!! This is not the first time, this is all the time. Now on my last stop a couple days ago, I pull up and I literally have to push trash out of the way so I can put my feet down on the pavement exiting my truck before entering Circle K. After I do enter, all I want is a cup of coffee, well guess what, no coffee. Only decaf coffee, the rest are empty; again employees outside smoking. One last thing, can you please have them start refilling the receipt paper out on the pumps. They are always empty and we have to walk in for a receipt. It's been so bothersome lately, I may never be back. Just thought you should know what is going on at this location. Now, I must say before I go that I do enjoy all other Circle K locations, this one just has major issues though..
Thank you.

Jul 13, 2016

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