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Cleanify is absolutely terrible. I contracted two cleaners through them that didn't show up, finally, one showed up 2.5 hours late. Since there was only one cleaner, it would obviously take twice as long. Since it was a clean to move in to a new house, I would have just been stuck there for 4 hours while she cleaned. So, I refused the service, and had to clean myself.

Cleanify finally did offer me a refund--that is the least they could do given that they provided me with nothing but wasted my day--but I have never been able to actually speak with someone and the refuse to get back to me. They gave me a $10 off promo for another cleaning service as if I would ever pay them another dime. The implication is that an entire day of my time is worth $10 to them, and that is insulting.

When people say that "you can't talk to a real person" they are often exaggerating. With cleanify this is literally true. Their entire system is apparently set up so that they don't have to actually pay any customer service people.

I understand that obviously third party contractors can sometimes fail to do what they're supposed to, but when your entire business model is to facilitate and orchestrate third-party services, then you need to take some responsibility, which they refuse to do. Moreover, the cleaning company itself--called Homehelper Housekeeping in NYC--is run by a sociopath who started yelling at me because they were too incompetent to show up.

All in all, every step of the way Cleanify proved completely incompetent and in unresponsive. You would be much better off just contracting directly with services, because Cleanify offers nothing but headaches and $10 off coupons.

Jul 26, 2016

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