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Good Morning,

I'd like to complain about the service and treatment I received from La Femme beauty salon located in Farnham, Surrey. The salon advertises itself as a Gold Star Salon. This being my first visit to the salon I was appalled by the terrible service and treatment I received yesterday evening (20th Nov 2018). I sill have burning sensations. The inexperienced therapist could not perform the task and I had to ask for another senior therapist to take over. The senior therapist was less than sympathetic, showed no empathy and quite rude. She kept saying there was nothing wrong when clearly I had red patches and a burning sensation. She said I can't see any bruises!!! I replied I wouldn't expect to see any! Goodness me I didn't come in here to be bruised.

I cannot believe this is a "Gold Standard Salon" I am so very disappointed with the whole experience.

Nov 22, 2018

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