CitiMortgage / property tax department customer service

I just need someone to tell me that efforts are being made to resolve my property tax payments. My local county treasurer's office is telling me that the payments have not been received, and there is a looming deadline to pay them or my property will be up for the annual tax sale. When I have called Citi-Mortgage customer service, it takes forever to get through to someone in the tax department (of course no one will supply me with a direct number, so every time I call I have to go through the automated system before I can actually talk to a person, and then the customer service person wants to verify everything before they will transfer me to the tax department). This is the first step of the awful customer service the company provides. When I finally can talk to someone in the tax dept I am told that I cannot talk to the person who is doing the research, no one can even tell me if anything is being done on this issue because the reseachers don't update the system notes until they are done with the issue. Another example of poor customer service -- you seem to be more protective of your staff than you are concerned about your customers getting the information they need. When I have asked to speak to a supervisor, I am told that a supervisor is not available "at this time." When I ask what time a supervisor is available, I am told that is not how the system works, and I have to wait for a supervisor to call me back. Third example of poor customer service. What I want is someone to tell me what work has been done to resolve this issue; I want assurance that it is being addressed. That doesn't seem like too much to ask!

Nov 15, 2017

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