CitiMortgage / lost payment/mortgage fraud

United States

Citimortgage is charging us hundreds of dollars in delinquency charges for our January mortgage payment. This is not the first time they have done this to us. We did indeed make the payment and we have all the necessary confirming documentation. I have a copy of the check that they cashed along with their bank stamp and our bank statement as proof. This was all given to them and they claim that they still have no idea where the payment is. They have done nothing to credit us and still claim that we did not pay and are one month behind so their fees keep going up! We always pay a little extra each month and I am assuming this is their way to cover their losses for our overage with respect to principal balance. We have not missed a payment but this company keeps giving us the run around. Every phone number they give us as the contacting department states that they are not the ones who handle lost payments and they subsequently redirect us! I literally spend hours on the phone only to end up back at square one. This is a nightmare! If this does not get taken care of, I have compiled a list of errors that have cost us hundreds of dollars in bogus charges and intend on contacting the FBI mortgage fraud department.


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