CitiMortgagecustomer service refusal to rectify my issue with my heloc

I applied for a heloc in september. I applied at the commack branch with laurie gentile. Anytime I emailed or called her, it took her days to get back to me. When my application went to the loan processor, the incompetence continued. I sent in everything they asked for and wasn't hearing anything for weeks. So I would call and she would tell me that my application was being held up because I needed to hand in a certain document... A document that I already submitted!! This happened several times. Finally the loan was ready to close in december. At the closing, I set up auto deduction and confirmed with laurie that my rate for the first year would be prime minus 0.51%. After receiving a statement in the beginning of january saying my rate was 3.75% (Which is prime) , I emailed laurie and she told me that my rate was 3.75 - 0.51% for the first 12 months. I calle customer service today to find out why the payment wasn't auto deducted, and they told me to wait until the end of the business day (Still not auto deducted). I asked for them to make sure auto deduction was set up and I was told they've don't have access to see that. Then I asked about my rate. I was told my rate was 3.75%. I explained to the customer service representative (Reece) that there was supposed to be a 0.51% reduction in the rate and that I have an email from citibank confirming it. She told me she had no way of seeing that in the account and there was no one who would be able to look it up. I asked her who was I supposed to speak to so that this could be rectified and no matter how many times I asked, her response was "we don't see that on the account. " obviously she didn't understand my question. Citibank is a horrible bank!! I don't have the time or energy to go into the problems i've had dealing with the back for my checking account. Do not do business with them. Every person I have told with is completely incompetent!!!

Feb 01, 2017

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