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Citifinancial / Financial predators

1 FL, United States Review updated:

Citi Financial Auto has the worst customer service ever. Like most people in this bad economy I lost the job I had when I first took out the loan. The job I was able to get was only a part-time job and it did not cover all of my bills, my situation was made worst by the fact that I had to leave my son's father due to the onset of abuse. This made things even worst because I was left with having to look for another place to live and I had to deal with even more expenses on a part-time job budget. This forced me to have to make the decision from Aug of 09 to the present, March of 2010, Do I pay my rent this month or do I pay my car note? For the first three months of the mentioned time period I was able to pay them half a payment each month only to fall back the next. When my ex became inconsistent and then finally nothing with his child support I was not able to pay Citi Financial anything after December. Needless to say I was anticipating My tax return. When I was informed that my taxes would arrive on the 9th of March I called Citi Financial to let them know that I would be able to make my account current. They said great no problem and took my information. Friday the 5th of March, A man came to my job and tried to repossess my car. He could not find my car in the parking lot and had to ask for me in the front office. I informed the man that this must be a mistake because I had already made arrangements with them to make my account current on the 9th. He tells me to contact them and work it out, and then give him a call back. I checked my bank account to find that my taxes were deposited into my account earlier than expected. I immediately made a payment on line, they have it set up with Western Union so I had to pay $14.95 to process the payment that way. I call Citifinancial back and I tell them what happened and what I did. The rep tells me that he can see the payment and that all I had to do was call the man who tried to pick up my car and let them know that I had just made payment, and that he needed to call them. I did just that and the repo man said that usually they will contact them right after payment has been made, but just in case they don't he wanted my number so that he could call me later if he hadn't heard anything. He never called me, Saturday came and went and still nothing. I thought I was good, until Sunday when I walked out the front door to find my car gone. At this point I wasn't even mad, I was a little annoyed because I felt like when I called to set up payment I should have been informed that they had sent a pick up order on my car. I also was upset that the rep didn't tell me that my car still might be in danger of being repossessed even after I had paid. When I called on Sunday, Customer Service tells me that there isn't anything that they could do because my account was sent to the redemption department and they are closed on the weekends. They also told me that my payment was listed as made but they couldn't stop the repossession order because funds had not cleared my bank. They said that I should have gone to the nearest Western Union location and made payment that way. That was the only way a payment would be considered confirmed immediately. I responded that the rep on thursday did not tell me that, otherwise I certainly would have cancelled the payment I did make and make a payment the way in which she was discribing. She procedes to tell me how much it was going to cost to recover my car, she said about $400 to $600 dollars. I tell her I don't think I should have to be responsible for that since my car was taken after I had made payment, she agreed. Monday I spent all day on the phone with them but getting no where. Most of them were rude and all of them where unhelpful. They told me in order to get my car today I would have to go down to the nearest Western Union location, make a payment of $1, 600 AGAIN. And if I wanted my money back from the first time I paid, than I would have to try and retrieve that from my bank. I called my bank and they told me that the money cleared and that it has already left the bank, and they don't have access to it anymore to get it back. They told me that they sent the money already to Citi. When I called Citi back they told me that even though they have the money, it could be called back at any time and that it couldn't be completely confirmed until after the 10 day waiting period. They would have to wait 10 days before they could release my car. When I aked for a manager everytime I talked to a rep, they told me that the manager was not in, one directed me to a voice mail and the others just said that they would notate my account that I am requesting a manager. So ultimately they are telling me that even though they have my money, they won't release it for another 10 days. Every day that my car is locked up it is costing me an additional $25 dollars a day for them to store it. The only way that they would be willing to release my car to me today, is if I sent another direct payment Western Union, but get this, they said they would not refund me the first payment of $1600. The only way I could get that back was if the bank could get it for me, but we all know they can't because they don't have it anymore. I am going to try to call back again tomorrow to see if I can get a hold of a manager. I need every bit of my money, I am a struggling single mother and I work hard for the little bit I have. I refuse to let them take it from me. I know they feel I am not worth helping, because I did get far behind on my payments, but I refuse to let anyone make me feel bad about choosing to provide a place for my son to live over having something to drive around in. Just because someone falls on hard times that does not give anyone the right to take advantage of the less fortunate. I believe that there is a very special place in hell for Citi Financial, right next to Hitler. Citi Financial Auto is the DEVIL.

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      9th of Mar, 2010
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    i also had a loan through citi financial auto. estatic that my loan was to be paid in full back in april of 2009, much to my surprise after making what i thought was my last payment, i was informed that i had incurred fees throughout this loan. what do you mean,
    i was late maybe 4 or 5 times throughout my 5 year loan, also paid a convenient fee of $14.95 per month by paying my loan over the phone. now i am told i have $1, 800.00 balance in fees, how on earth is this possible. they sent me my payment history and i still cannot figure out how i owe this money. i explained to them that i should the better business bureau because what they are doing is illegal, without any hesitation he told me to do what i felt i had to do and if i do not pay this balance i will have my vehicle reposessed. now they wanted me to take out another loan to finance this $1, 800.00 i now owe. why would anyone want to finance something they already paid for. i took and gave them $200 or more a month, what i could afford, still listening to the phone ring every month explaining to me that i am late on my payment. what payment my loan is expired and now i owe a payment. and paid them in full by october of 2009, it is now march, 2010 and i still have no title. once again, pick up the phone and try to get an answer. of course they explain they mailed it to me in november but i can call another 800 number to order another one, another one, here we go again. they of course give me another number to contace and guess what i can have a title printed off my computer which is not a real title, or i can pay some more money to citi financial auto to get an official title.

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      21st of Mar, 2010
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    Call your Attorney Generals Office and see if you can get help. Email me at and I have some information that can help you. My name is Claudine and I was in a battle with Citi Financial Auto and delt with IDIOTS! I have numbers to help. Put citi in the subject line so i know its you if you want this information. Good Luck and hang in there from another single mom of 3 in TN

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