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I purchased a shirt and two packs of underwear. I ask the cashier twice before I purchase it, if this isn't the right size can I bring it back, she replied yes. Well the underwear wasn't the right size and I didn't open neither one of the packs. I went back the next day to return them and was told I can't return underwear.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Albany, GA I replied, the cashier the day before told me I could, well the manager was very rude not even looking at me, talking low and laughing with another employee replied again you can't return underwear and is this the cashier who rang you up on the receipt that told you this, I said yes and still she said I can't return the underwear. She act as if she didn't care about what I had just told her. I was very disappointed, because I was giving the wrong information as a customer after I asked her twice before I purchase the item could I return them if it's not the correct size and she said yes. I'm very disappointed, now I have two packs of underwear that is unusual and a waste of my money. That's my first and last time shopping at citi trends.

Sep 29, 2017

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