Citi Trend, Waukegan Illinois / clothes, shorts and shirts

I'm constantly coming to this citi trend only because it's the only one close to where I live. I live in Des Plaines, IL. I came to Citi Trend Friday May 25, 2018. I spent 100.00 on clothes. When I got home, I noticed all my clothes steal had the sensors on them. I called the store to complain. I got nothing but attitude from all the ppl I talked to. I have my receipt. I put the clothes back in the bag. But it's Memorial Day, who wants to travel 30 miles back to the store. I'm very disappointed because I bought these clothes for Memorial day. And all I can get is well u can bring them back and we'll try and get the sensor tags off. What...?? Are u serious?? I will never shop there again... U should not be selling ppl clothes if u can't get the sensor off of them period. Now I guess my 100.00 dollars is gone down the damn drain!!!

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