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Circuit City - Muncy, Pa / Hp M7160n Pavilion / Get satisfaction or die trying

1 United States

Circuit City, Muncy Pa 17756

May 12,2007 Incident Number 9216928

Caller after running system cd's. Kept getting error message. Advised to run them again after shutting down and making sure the computer was cleaned out. Ran them again and called back. They had me order new system cde's from Hewlet Packard. I ordered the cd's and tried them and the same error came up so I called them again.

May 25

They replaced the harddrive. The repairman replaced the harddrive and started the system cd's. I got an error message on the supplemental cd. RegSvs.exe-Common Language Runtime Debugging Services Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.

Process ID=0x2d8(728)
Thread ID=0x718(1816)

OK to terminate the application. Cancel to debug the application.

May 25

Called City Advantage again. They are ordering a new motherboard and RAM. Will send parts and make appointment to repair.

June 1

Barrister had gotten nothing. going to order a new motherboard.

Called City Advantage, claims the request was sent through May 31 for repair. Manager checked to make sure it is submitted properly. There was an error and it wasn't submitted as it was supposed to be. Request is now sent. Said they would request the order be expedited.

June 5

Hadn't been shipped from vendor.

June 6

Received RAM

June 8

Received motherboard

June 11

Repairman coming to install motherboard and RAM. Replaced motherboard. They sent the wrong RAM so it was not replaced. Run cd's, it goes throu 3 cd's, restarts, boots into windows, doesn't ask for 4rth cd, just shuts down.

June 12

Called City Advantage and they will let Barrister know it is not repaired. Ask for serial number, requested harddrive, motherboard and RAM all be replaced at the same time, then run the system cd's

June 14

Received nothing yet, called and they said it would take 5 business days by the 20th of June.

June 18

Nothing ordered yet. Bob will call back but he never called and he didn't follow through.

Called again later in day and the motherboard, harddrive and RAM are now ordered. Will be here in 3 to 5 business days.

June 19

called Barrister and they claim parts will ship today.

June 20

I got the Harddrive today

June 21

Motherboard came

June 22

RAM came, one stick

June 25

Called to let them know they only sent one stick of RAM

June 26

They say the one stick is 512

June 27

Repairman comes, replaces harddrive, motherboard and ram. Starts system cd's and leaves. Now the message is

SW Build ID is different from ID on recovery media Contact Customer Support to order replacement CD's

This message after system cd's were run twice.

Called City Advantage, they say I need new system cd'sand offered to sell me new windows XP cd's

Talked to HP support. They think the motherboard needs to be tatooed.

Also the repairman broke the button on the DVD-Rom. It won't open now.

June 28

8:00 going to send repairman back out to tatoo motherboard

10:00 they tell me the case is closed out.

Ask to talk to manager

They will call city advantage and ask how they want to proceed. They say they are replacing the tower and sent me a label.

June 29

DHL picked it up today

July 5

Barrister received today

Called and talked to them a couple times and they say they have till the 19th of July to replace it. Talked to one person said they was going to rebuild mine. Called Rachel [protected] ext 452. She says no mine was being replaced not repaired. Also said they had until July 19th to replace.

July 18

I got a phone call from City Advantage who told me they received an email from Barrister stating it was a software issue and they were returning my computer to me unrepaired.

I told them of course it is software because with all they had replaced they made it software. It was stated to me they were not going to fix it and they was replacing it.

When I bought the warranty from Circuit City they claim if something happens and they can not fix it to my satisfaction they will replace it.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals Office in Pa so far. I am not going to stop until I get some satisfaction from them or I die trying.

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