Chumba Casino / VGW Holdingspurchase

I've been on chumba almost a year now. NEVER had a major problem with them. I've won and lost on the site. I've NEVER had a problem with cashouts nothing. A few months ago I noticed I was being charged for transactions/purchases that just were not adding up. I looked into the issue and just couldn't pinpoint it due to that I have numerous transactions daily. Which is how they manage to pull off the UNAUTHORIZED charges. I recently checked my account and seen transactions from Chumba that I had not authorized. So to inform I went on Chumba site under my account and pulled transaction history searched the date in question and NOTHING no transaction but money was taking out of my account. I compared my bank statement to my transaction history emailed all documents to Chumba to review and in return they DEACTIVATED my account blocked me from facebook because I posted a comment warning others to check their accounts and make sure they were not being overcharged. I find the lack of assistance to get a resolution is horrible. Chumba clay could give a damn about it's customer's. You would think that a thorough investigation would be done. NOPE NOT AT ALL.Im glad they deactivated my account hell I was spending too much money anyways. Lol. You would think they would resolve an issue for an amount that's under $20.00. Lol lol TERRIBLE. That's what happens when you wanna stay in the comfort of your home in play slots instead of going to REAL CASINOS and getting the proper assistance if needed. It's TERRIBLE that I have to go through all of this for less than $20.00. NEWS MEDIA HERE I COME.This company should be put on blast. Sad to part ways since it's been almost a year with them but the hell with them as they have showed me the hell with me. Filing dispute with my bank and every other agency I can yup all for an amount under $20.00

Dec 09, 2018

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