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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / chumba casino

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When you sign up, you are told you get $5 free sweepscash to try, and you can earn more or buy more, however I've tried to earn more and it's next to impossible because they offer a few bucks once or so each month for the first 10 or so people that like share and comment on their post, basically 1 in 600k or more odds, just for a few free bucks, and contrary to what they've supposedly claimed in the past and what many believe, there is no way to get free sweepscash or even gold coins to play on a daily or regular basis, you have to pay for it all after you run out of the starter funds. And at first, they may even send you maybe two or more promotion offers via email, you can buy, just to get you back spending on their games, after that, you are likely to not ever get anymore offers once they think they have you cornered to spend all your money on them. Because I've only ever gotten 2 offers and no more every again, so far. And in the past several days, I've lost just over $1000usd. With no cash outs. Their payout is a scam, you might bet $1.00usd and win 0.5cents on most spins, sometimes even .25cents, and when you finally do win something good, it's starts to stop winning and dwindle down every spin. It's basically a hook, line, and sinker game. I've lost so much based on games glitching, and even at one point, I hit the triple wild jackpot 3 times in super hot 7s, and it didn't payout. and when I contacted them with the date, time, and balance of when glitch started, they said their info shows a different date and balance. And that was with the screenshots of one of the times I hit triple wild jackpot and it glitched and dropped down making it not a winner, and video proof I also sent them. I've contacted them via the chumba support email, Facebook message, and Facebook community message. I which in Facebook community or page comments, they claim they will resolve it once I contact them in private, so that other players won't see whats really going on. I've sent them screenshots, multiple video clips of glitches, showing me betting and the reels kept glitching out and disappearing every few seconds, and they just give me the run around, and despite the fact that when sending a video via Facebook message, it is always viewable by the recipient, they still claim they can't view the video. I mean it is an addictive game, and one does expect to loose a bit, but this is far over stretching it by scamming people, real casinos have better odds. and another one of their tactics I've encountered lately is when you've been playing at least an hour and you finally get a good hit on a spin, a notification pops up, suggesting a break, and when you click no break, it resumes the game on a new spin, so you basically lost whatever you might have won. Another tactic I've encountered a few times now, was at one time when I hit bonus round in the big goreela and, when I finally hit free spins at $1.00 bet in king of gods, as well as when I hit a jackpot on another slot game of theirs, a pop up comes up saying server has to reload or something like that. And when it reloads, it says they updated their terms of agreement and you have to agree to continue, and when you do, you start over, like you never hit the free spins or jackpot. And based on other complaints I've read, they just give people the run around, and have lame excuses for everything. I think they should be shut down, and forced to reimburse those who lost and never cashed out anything.

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings
Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings
Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings

May 2, 2018

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