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I bought $5.00 to play with and they took money rite out of my account did not verify that.well I played for awhile and got it up to100.00 tried to cash out and they said they would need to verify I took pics of Do&Bank stament like they requested .go back to screen and it asus I can continue playing so ok I got it down to 99.96 something like that went to cash out again and it pops up with min of 100.00 to cash out well why did they not say that the first time.well my boyfriend played he got it up to I re yes to cash out nope can't have to get papers sent then i texted to cash out all 174.00 it would only pull up ok fine.well there's 74.00 still in play so I said they aren't getting it still waiting for my 100.00.I sent them 6 documents stament and a power or bill with name and address 4 of those all different .nom they are back to wanting my bank stament again .I've kept all of my comunecations with them.for a 100.00 dollars.they don't know me that well to think I will just give up.oh boy are they rong...

Aug 27, 2018
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  • Be
      Aug 29, 2018

    I am having the same problems with Chumba Casino as well. I won $$$$ in May, 2018 and I am still trying to get my winnings. I have sent them the same information over and over again. Yesterday, 8/28/2018 I received yet another email from them asking for a deposit slip with my name and account number on it. Since I do no write checks anymore, I went to my bank, requested a deposit slip. Well, they gave me all the information I needed.

    I send it back to Chumba, they said it did not have the correct account number on it. I them emailed them stating the account number is on the form, pointed it out to them, so far I have not heard from them, however; I know they will come up with something else.

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  • Te
      Oct 05, 2018

    Horrible people. don't waste your money i know i did!

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