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I had a problem with a lady whom, after spending nearly $3000 on her, had forgotten that I had spoken to her mother only a week earlier, and even accused me of talking to another ladies mother. (I wrote another review about this previously) She wouldn't give me her phone number, or even call me because she was "afraid I might find out her phone number". Again, this woman was "Vicky, Profile # P272064
After complaining to CHNlove, or Qpid about this "fraud", they did Nothing for me. absolutely did not care at all. SO, I contacted my credit card company and had the charges reversed claiming fraud... Qpid THEN contacted me at first telling me I had to call my credit card company to reverse the reversal...Following this??... Anyway, They finally said if I reverse the reversal of charges on my credit card, they would grant me 50 credits. The charges got reversed (again) and I paid my debt, but...Qpid did NOT give me the 50 credits they promised me... They Lied. They only care about getting money, even though they tell you they care about your experience. SO, Whether the ladies are "real" or not, is one thing... the fact is..Chnlove and Qpid will not care about you if there is a problem...and they Lie... I have written proof of it...SO, Keep that in mind if you go there. And NOW, because I complained to them about it, they are terminating my membership... after I spent nearly $8000.00 there. Some of the ladies are real, but the company itself is where the real SCAM is!!! They only care about making money. Now that they got their money... they terminated my membership... While I was still talking to a lady of interest... Its BS.

Mar 28, 2016

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