Children's Placeservice

I got a present from a relative of mine who lives in LA.
All the cloth that were on the present doesn't fit my child (he is 1 years old while the cloth fit 6-9 month).
Because I live in Israel I didn't have the opportunity to replace the cloth until today.
As I visit the store I talked to the manager named Liz which said I cannot replace the cloth and thats the store policy (the cloth has the price on it and of course that haven't been worn/used).
I told her that it doesn't make any sense that I receive a present that doesn't fit my son and all I want is to replace in order to have cloth which will fit him (not refund!!!).
She had no willingness to help what so ever!
For now I'm stuck with 7, 8 items that I cannot use.
That's the worst service I ever got!
Because I come to visit often in the USA I can assure you that I'll never buy in the Children's Place and will tell all of my friends about the solution of yours which is in other words:"the customers problem".
All I want is to replace to have regular cloth for him and all I got was 100% opacity from the manager.
Shai Perry

Jun 06, 2018

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