Check Into Cash / Rip-off attempt!

Stone Drive location, Kingsport, TN, United States

After at least 3 loans, I came to the same representative (of whom always made sure she was the one handling my business) and paid off a nearly 300 loan. After renewing it, like always, she dished out my funds, which should have been 250. She quickly fanned out one hundred fifty, said thank you, and immediately turned her back to walk away. I spoke up and said "Miss... Umm... I believe you shorted me one hundred dollars on my loan!" She came back to the counter, checked through some paperwork, and exclaimed "Oh, yes, I apologize." After this, I felt like this could have happened before, like I was being "scammed" out of funds I was paying back, with interest. I decided this would be the last time I went to this loan place for my business. Later, the payback was due the 1st of the month. On the previous month on the 28th, she quickly took the entire loan out of my bank account using my given bank info, so I got double-screwed and in bad standing with my bank! I would not reccommend "Summer" representative at this Check into Cash location. Very Bad Business!!! X(

Apr 5, 2014

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