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I ordered 72 personalized mason jars for my wedding. I paid $160 for these. I okayed my proof and everything was going fine until I received my shipment. The shipment came with three boxes inside of a big box. The second I picked it up you could hear all the broken glass and there were shards coming out of the main box. I opened the box and atleast 20 if not more of my mason jars were broken. Whoever had packed them didn't put anything inside the boxes to protect the glass NOTHING (no paper, bubbles, inserts, anything). It took me an hour to clean up all the broken glass out of the boxes and my floor. I called about this and they said they would send me 20 new mason jars and they were sorry for the inconvenience. This was on November 16th- I contacted them again December 15th because I hadn't heard anything and they said something had been missed and they would rush the new jars to me ASAP and I would have them by the end of the week. On January 6th I still had not heard anything or gotten my shipment so I emailed again. The response I got was that the person doing my order got rushed to the hospital and no one else knew about my order. This is after I was emailing two different people and calling (although you call them and wait on hold for ten minutes only to get a voicemail where no one will return your call- I called at least 5 times where this happened). The person who emailed me back apologized again and said she would get me 20 more mason jars in the mail that week. I received my mason jars yesterday (January 19th) and they sent me 18 and the personalization was about the size of a nickel and nothing like what my first ones were. I seriously think they were playing a joke on me for how messed up this was. I contacted them again and asked for my money back because I would rather just go to a different company at this point and the response I got was, if I ship them back to them (with my own money) they will refund me my $160 but that is only after I pay the $40 in shipping to send them back or they can give me back 50% of my money because that is company policy. Not once have I seen this company use any policys and I want my money back. Please, if you are thinking this company is a good deal do not do it. It is a hassle and will make your wedding favors look cheap and ugly. Please take a look at the pictures I posted to prove what they did to me.

Jan 20, 2016

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