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Channel 7 / funeral adds

1 Australia Review updated:

Funeral adds...Family members watching a movie trying to forget for a while they have a relative dying from some disease have these adds rammed down their throats 5 or 6 times in half an hour, have sum consideration for the suffering!

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  • An
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    You're right, the TV should've known how hurtful it was being.
    That's silly.
    You're silly.

    Seriously, if you didn't want to hear it, you could've changed the channel.

  • Ly
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    ATTENTION!! To the Chief Programmer of the 5pm slot weekdays.
    We have a one off request we would like ask of you.

    PLEASE? TAKE M.A.S.H. OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL - or at least give it a ten year break, rather than just a Xmas holiday! GRR!

    We honestly thought our luck had changed before Xmas you replaced it with “Home Improvement”! At least we haven’t seen every episode 48273653 times!

    We could NOT believe our eyes when before Xmas we flicked across and discovered IT WAS THE FINAL EPISODE!!
    The next day, we stayed with seven and waited impatiently to see what we were in for…we nearly died when YOU STARTED IT FROM THE FIRST EPISODE AGAIN!? Nooooo!
    Are you joking? Is there NOTHING else to put on?
    Even “A Country Practice” repeats would have been better!!
    You lost us for the entire week and not just for that time slot.
    You insulted our intelligence and we have been fair by not complaining until now…or so AND NOW ITS BACK LIKE A STUPID GHOST with seven choosing to repeat the whole bloody boring show again! NOOO! It is sexist, politically incorrect, NOT FUNNY, and a complete smack in the face to all of the men and women who are risking (and losing) their lives RIGHT NOW all over the world!

    I am from one of too many families who have to live with sons/daughter/friends/relatives at war. We don’t want to see War made light of at all, let alone in a ‘family friendly” timeslot!
    Please remove it once and for all for so many reasons and replace it with something UPLIFTING… NOW! We have ALL seen enough tragedy this year already, don’t you think???
    By the way, have you asked any VIETNAM or KOREAN Vets if they get a laugh out of this show? Sadly I know the answer through personal experience.

    You are our favourite channel and apart from the ridiculous amount of ads in every single show (ok yes 7HD do seem to at least gives a little thought as to ad placement and yes I l know you have to pay for the shows) I bet MASH timeslots are cheap! haha


    People say “well you don’t have to watch it” No, we don’t but…how many times can you handle people changing to another network due to ONE SHOW?
    The sad thing is we did simply change the channel.
    How many people are doing this at that time I wonder? You MUST be losing viewers by the droves by doing this. NONE of our friends like it... our Parents hate it...and as for you think they need another war show...let alone a dated/sexist one?
    R.I.P. M.A.S.H. you have had your day.
    Help us to remain your loyal viewers, and allow us to help you keep your viewers by this one simple change in a timeslot.
    As you will find out (if you check) I am not one of those people who EVER complain…to any media...this is a first for me…yes, I am THAT angry.
    Come on 7 TRY to move with the times...
    Lyn and Kim Challands
    Mount Evelyn, Victoria 3796

  • Ha
      2nd of Jun, 2014
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    I would love to see something else in that slot! I can not believe it is rammed down our throats like that. Please, please put it on about 3AM, then those people that don't mind seeing it for the zillionth time, can still watch it!

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