Chanel / Waiting Repair to be done for 1 year

1 Brazil
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Travelling abroad I bought a pair of Chanel shoes. no tmy first, certainly my last!
The logo felt off after 2 times i used it! Took it to the brand new store they opened at Iguatemi Mall, Sao Paulo, Brasil. They told me maximum 3 mouths due spare parts arrival I would get my shoes done. I am waintig for more tham one year! I have faced the total lack of respect from their local employees who are only interested on sale. Today I went to the store to complain again. The salesman that has being " taking care" of my case, Salesman Mr Claudio, turned his back on me, despite my 62 years old, and despite of the fact that yes, I am a custumer, and he totally desrepect me!!! Yet I have no answer for my problem! So much for what they call a Luxury Brand! At least I would say Mademoselle Chanel should not be happy with her personel... whatever she might be!
The least I can say is that... those were my last pair of Chanel Shoes!!! And if you need After sales Service I would say Think Twice befor buying Chanel!

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