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Certegy / check cashing

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I have tried to use this company to cash payroll checks. It was hit and miss. Sometimes it would go through, sometimes not. Last year I started a new job and got my first 4 checks mailed to me. First check, cashed without issue. Second one, denied at the same Wal-Mart exactly two weeks later. Same amount, same company. I decided to try and see if i could figure out if certegy actually had any system for denying or approving checks. Checks 3 and 4 declined (same Wal-Mart, same day of the week, Saturday's around 2pm). Tax return, state accepted federal declined. Bankers check from my bank, approved. Opened a new bank account at different bank with only $100. I work at a print shop. Photoshopped a payroll check drawn from my account with a fake business name for $1, 000 printed on regular paper. Approved by certegy! So now, I do this once a month. I use different accounts from the same bank with the same fake company name. Sometimes I have to try two or three times to get a working account number, but it works. I go to different Wal-Mart's, but use my legal info to cash. I have now stopped after fleecing certegy of $10, 000. I hope certegy sees this and realized that they readily approve fraudulent checks, but deny legitimate ones. I hope someone else does what I did and takes as much from them as they can.

Feb 11, 2018
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      14th of Sep, 2018
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    I have been shopping at Publix in Alabaster, Alabama for many years, never had a problem using a check to pay for my groceries. Yesterday I followed my same routine, shopped at a couple different stores, wrote a check for my purchases, no problem. My final stop was at my local Publix, picked up what I needed and went thru the check out lane, and wrote a check like always, it was denied, I know the lady that told me this, so I thought she was joking, did not take long to fins out she was not joking. I gave her cash for the purchase and she gave me my check back. I visited my local bank today first thing, nothing wrong with my account, had the amount I was suppose to have. I went to Target and bought some things and wrote my check, no problem. So I decided to try Publix one more time, yep same result, my check was refused again, now how is this business practice allowed, Publix is a great store and I really like the employees and have been very satisfied with the products, but it is very humbling to have your check refused when you have more than enough money to cover the purchase. I feel someone needs to look into the methods they are using to refuse checks.

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